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    Jemez got a reaction from tresjax in Preset Text Wrap Distances   
    MEB & Dave - thanks for posting! Took me a while to discover these responses. In the interim, I'm working on a book with many photos, so having an easy way to adjust the default settings to my preference would save me gobs of time!! I will try the approach using a shape.
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    Jemez got a reaction from walt.farrell in "Hide All" (guides, margins, bleed, etc) option missing   
    I see. Thanks!!
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    Jemez got a reaction from walt.farrell in Text Wrap Icons Gone from Toolbar in latest download   
    Oops - I did not realize there were more tools.
    Thanks, Walt!
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    Jemez reacted to Pubcrawler in improved picture frame tool   
    Provide a way to fit frame to content, and content to frame, please. Also to resize frame without resizing image. That would be great!
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    Jemez reacted to Thisismandatory in improved picture frame tool   
    and is not much to add in publisher, all they need to implement is a fit frame to content option. One more option under properties
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    Jemez reacted to Guyon in Major Complaints   
    I am seeing a lot of major complaints the first day.
    You need to remember this is a beta,  the same program we all have been begging for a release in any state. I have beta tested a lot of programs and you need to be in the right mindset.  So just sit back and enjoy the ride.  APub is really a pretty piece of software and already had some features better than InDesign.  And you ever tried to put text along a path you know what I mean 
    I hope the rest of you are having as much fun as me exploring APub! 
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    Jemez reacted to Loquos in Photo Captions   
    Any chance there will be a Caption feature in Publisher? Preferably one that works better than InDesign does!
    Essentially, you'd set up a paragraph style for photo captions, then right click an image and tell it to insert the caption (either static or live).
    Even more awesome would be if there was a better way to automatically say how it should line up (with the bottom edge of the caption level with the bottom edge of the photo, etc.) and to expand (up/down or sideways) to allow for the amount of text in the caption.
    Attaching IDs current settings for this feature, though only for clarification on what I'm talking about. :-)

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    Jemez reacted to smadell in Fit Box to Picture   
    The picture fitting options are nice. But how about adopting a nice feature from QuarkXPress - Fit Box to Picture? Once a picture is fit to a frame (using a minimum fit, for instance) the option to then Fit the Frame to the Picture makes the Picture Frame hug the picture itself nicely, making text wrap options easier to manage.
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    Jemez reacted to PMan in improved picture frame tool   
    Hi, If you have placed an image in a picture frame and you want to return it to its native properties
    i) select the image/frame, then going to Preferences (top left) and selecting None (picture will not be scaled). Image will revert to its original size
    ii) As someone else stated, if you double click on an image in a picture frame you can resize it separately and still revert to its original size using i) above or use any of the other Scales in Preferences

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    Jemez reacted to Helmuth Pandora in improved picture frame tool   
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    Jemez reacted to Cristiano Falaschi in improved picture frame tool   
    the picture frame is very smart, too smart. If the image is positioned manually in a specific position and then the frame size is changed, all our work will be lost.
    I like the smart picture frame but I would also like a stupid mode like inDesign
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    Jemez reacted to Thisismandatory in improved picture frame tool   
    Another thing. There is no visual difference between having the frame selected or the image, that would be very handy.
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    Jemez reacted to karipu in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    To be able to import .docx files is essential.
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