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  1. tresjax

    Data merge

    You are not the only ones.
  2. Agreed. I'm working on a document with lots of images. It would be very nice for the text wrap to default to the setting I just used, rather than having to adjust it each time. Not just the distance, but the type of wrap, too. (In my case, tight, large side.) Thanks!
  3. tresjax

    Asset palette won't scroll down

    Since the last update, it's not doing it anymore, so I won't be able to reproduce it. Sorry. And thanks.
  4. Minor thing, but I have a palette of assets I imported. When I create a new document, I can only see the assets that fit on the screen; I can't scroll down. To work around it, I go to the main assets on the drop-down, then back to my imported ones and they're all there. By the way, I'm loving Publisher!
  5. Thanks! Trashing the trial did the trick, and I'm back up and running.
  6. Please help! I downloaded the trial, pretty much immediately knew I wanted the full version, and bought it. My trial expired today, and now the full version won't open. Tried from the App Store, too. (I'm on an iMac running El Capitan, if that helps.) I'm in the middle of a project and need the program to work. I do love it, by the way.