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  1. That's why a road map of planned features would be useful. P.
  2. That's true. But in InDesign you could do footnotes 'manually' because you could script them.
  3. @GabrielM -- I don't have any particular project file, but it's easy to recreate. In a text frame, type xxx, press Enter/Return, and type zzz (but don't press Enter/Return). Now search .$ (any character at the end of a line). This expression should match first the last x, then the last z. But the last z is not found. Peter
  4. Search results of expressions that use lookahead and/or lookaround aren't processed correctly. Search results are displayed in the Find panel, but they are not highlighted in the text and cannot be changed by a replacement text. This is the case with lookahead (?=...), the classic lookbehind (?<=...), and the modern, variable-length, lookbehind, \K P.
  5. Yes, confirmed. The matches are displayed but not highlighted. And i reported the bug. Looks like a general problem with location markers (lookarounds are a kind of location marker). P.
  6. Confirmed: the\b shows the match (with context) in the display panel, but the match isn't highlighted, isn't highlighted when you click the displayed item in the panel, and replace doesn't work either. Refreshing the search panel with another search doesn't improve anything. Peter
  7. Thank you, Walt, found it. But since in the interface the item is in the Text menu, I'd have expected it to be in the Text section in the KBSC editor. Miscellaneous would be for things that aren't available in the interface, such as a shortcut (like InDesign's) to activate the last used entry field in panel, a shortcut to close all documents, etc. P.
  8. > There's already an indication. True. But a single button to clear the dialog is still useful. Especially if a previous find/change used a space character as the replace text: you can't see that. P.
  9. In the Keyboard shortcuts editor you can assign shortcuts to a selection of menu items. I think all menu items should be selectable. For example, the Text menu has the useful item 'Toggle unicode'. But that could be made so much more useful if we could assign a shortcut to it. P.
  10. \b works only at word beginning. Given a word 'the' in the text, \bthe matches the\b does not match P.
  11. $ matches the end of a paragraph only when the paragraph ends in a return character. The last paragraph in a story, when it doesn't end in a return, is ignored. P.
  12. Great, thank you. It's incomplete (e.g. no lookahead and lookbehind yet) and still a bit buggy (bug reports submitted), but it's early days and I look forward to a full implementation. P.
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