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  1. @SrPx They’re all valid points, so from my part, nothing to disagree with here. @R C-R True, but he said “which currently means“ — so I think that in the future (even if a distant one), will be pretty much, to all the people (my wish, at least, driven by my (I’d say “selfish, but I’m sure everyone hope the same) need to see it happen; having everything I could possible need in one place, in THIS place, is, even if by a long shot, desired and possible. iuli
  2. I’ve read yesterday that Adobe has presented its upcoming Photoshop CC for iPad, which in my opinion will just be to little for Adobe to “fight” Serif; CC looks ugly, it’s largely the same interface, it’s like Adobe just took the desktop PS and squeezed it on mobile. The general consensus in comments sections (macrumors article) is that Affinity apps are superior (and they’re talking from the perspective of working on a iPad) to Adobe, which I agree with. People don’t understand why should they leave AF, since is doing almost everything that PS do, and has everything optimized to work with touch gestures. People working with desktop programs should at least try the mobile versions, they may be surprised how much it can be achieved with gestures instead of a mouse. And just wait until Serif will improve AD (while AF became great with version 1.6, I think AD will become incredible when 1.7 will arrive), no one will give a penny about Adobe on mobile. I don’t agree with people defending Affinity lack of some features (especially because all of them will become eventually available here, not some cheap tool clones, but innovative, in affinity’s way) with this childish “we’re not a PS replacement”. Of course you are; affinity is not just an alternative to Adobe; is better in many ways, and slowly will become absolutely superior to it. So, will Affinity truly be able to replace PS? — again, they already do; IMO the future of graphics is all mobile; that’s the reason why Adobe is investing in it, I believe; and forget about the subscription they’ll bring to iOS (and that’s something that everyone hates), do anyone really see PS having the same easy-to-use brilliance Affinity has in its apps? I don’t think so. In ten years, people will forget the greedy Adobe ever existed; the future is mobile, and the future is Affinity (as cheesy as it may sound, I truly believe it). iuli
  3. Iulisvectordesign

    Inktober 2018 (Raster)

    There has to be a prehistoric Ahab behind that whale; I wonder how a sinking Pequod would look like painted in this wonderful style:)
  4. Iulisvectordesign

    True TRIM Tool

    Besides the rude and patronizing tone of the OP, I agree with the suggestion that a trim tool would be a very useful implementation in AD. What AD does, like the above copy-inside function, is just perfect, but I think trim tool is much more important than that and indeed would make certain tasks a breeze, versus what we have to do now to accomplish the same results other softwares (worst than AD in almost every aspect) are doing with a simple click. I don’t understand however why certain users are coming to these threads just to downplay the importance of certain very good additions, when these forums are just (I believe, at least) about this: to make AD a better experience in the future. No one has the right to say that these tools, or changes, have to be implemented now or next year, and I don’t think this is even possible when there are enough bugs in the iPad app (and some of them a real pain to work with) that haven’t been addressed in months. I have no problem with them now, for everything is a work around, and I wait patiently for the next update — but I like to think that, in a distant future at least, better pressure curve for pen, trim tool, exporting vectors files with all my effects in place as vectors and not rasterized, etc, etc — are possible. Seeing in so many threads old members coming and smashing almost any good suggestion because it can be done with extra work, or because they don’t need it so no one should, or because we should leave affinity if we need tools that other softwares have (I’ve seen this in a topic regarding AI) is, to be honest, discouraging. I know some of these features aren’t even in discussions to be implemented in the desktop version, let alone the iPad, so it will take years to work with them in AD, but just knowing there’s a tiny chance to have them, eventually, makes my waiting more... bearable? iuli
  5. Iulisvectordesign

    AD for iPad — Unusual file size after importing SVG files from another app

    Hello & thank you for replying. I haven’t had any more problems with the app size in almost a month. I’ve also never sent files directly between Affinity and any other app since then, instead I’ve saved all my files from Graphic (or other apps) in Files as SVG and I’ve dragged them into Designer from there (in this way the bug never came back). I don’t remember to have any open projects when I’ve had sent the files from Graphic to Designer. (Also, at the moment when I’ve had reported about this bug, my iPad was running on iOS 11) Right now, the size of the inbox folder form iTunes is of course very small, under 1mb in size (4 files with gradients and brushes). I'm sorry for not being of any help. Regards, iuli
  6. Iulisvectordesign

    Soccer Player

    Nice animated cartoon, but if you’d ask me, I’d say your character (judging by its posture) is a basketball player with a ‘soccer’ ball, lost in a ‘soccer’ field (which is what makes it funny for me)
  7. I’m using Break, Close and Join commands quite a lot in my work, so not having all of them easy to access in the 9.7 version of the app it is an issue for me. Why not having a single node tool menu, without the need to expand it for getting those commands? Making the menu a little smaller will fit perfectly in the app in my opinion; after all, the vast majority of AD users are working with Apple Pencil (or other pens for air 2) and selecting those commands, even if they’re smaller, wont be a problem at all, I think. (And I don’t think I’m alone in this; the new (much more affordable) iPads have Apple Pencil support and they’re 9.7, so why not unlocking the full potential of designer for all of your users?) Best regards, iuli
  8. Iulisvectordesign

    162.42 update ?

    Hello, for me it happens every time I select multiple curves, as in the video below; long pressing makes it go away, but it always appears back. After iOS 12 update it looked like the error was gone, but after a couple of hours it came back Edit: it doesn’t crash the app D15E9560-DB96-42A3-AEC0-F23806F4EF40.MP4
  9. Iulisvectordesign

    Affinity Designer on iOS 12

    Maybe it has something to do with placebo (which I don’t think it has), because I’ve expected to see improved performances on my iPad Pro 9.7, but it feels like affinity designer works much faster now, with iOS 12, than before. Opening a document is almost instantly, color picker (from color studio) works great with the apple pen, the eyeglass from node tool doesn’t stick every time I’m pressing the screen, enlarging a projects feels much more cursive, etc. Sure, I’m spending all my days using only Serif apps on mobile, and I’m getting more used to the way everything works here (even the peen tool which I hated at first, for its lack of instant responsiveness, is more than ok now), but my impressions are that Designer on iOS 12 is almost the perfect tool to work with! So thank you a bunch for it!
  10. Yes, I’m using both affinity photo and designer on my iPad Pro 9.7; and they work perfectly
  11. Iulisvectordesign

    Transparent PNGs

    Hi, I go to Document, Canvas and I activate Transparent Canvas; in this way, it saves/exports as PNG with transparent background
  12. Iulisvectordesign

    Version 1.6.9

    Undo and redo buttons have been closed by default and replaced by touch gestures, 2 fingers undo, 3 fingers redo, similar to affinity designer; if you want the initial buttons instead, I see that they can be reactivated in settings, interface, show undo and redo buttons
  13. Iulisvectordesign

    Save from oblivion - first project in AP.

    I think that nothing gives more satisfaction than working at an original piece not for commercial purposes but for someone dear; the photo already looks great, nice work
  14. I was on my way of getting away from Graphic, and I have started to export my files from there to Designer. After exporting less than 20 files, AD reached an enormous size, 110GB, getting all of the space from my iPad (Pro 9.7) and making it almost unresponsive. The app size before that was less than 10GB. Between a lot of frustrating crashes, I managed to save the files to iCloud and I erased them from Designer, but even after multiple reboots (because I wanted to save all the folders my files were organized into, without being forced to make them again, which quite frankly it looks useless to me now, since the same bug could mess them again) the file size remained the same, so all I could do was to remove the app completely (in which point the iPad reversed to its normal storage). I’m trying to keep all the criticism I have to myself, and I have no other expectations from this app but to work properly in the most basic functions any other vector app does on the iPad, since I’m working almost exclusively with the pen tool, which, at this point, is ok, but I don’t think is great. I just want a Designer without crashes, freezes, this “bug size”, or the inability to import my purchased assets because the app isn’t good enough for iPad Pro 9.7 to import them. I apologize in advance about the large text this message will probably have, I wrote it on my iPad. Respectfully, iuli
  15. Iulisvectordesign

    Pricing on iPad

    In Romania the price for AD and AF is 100 Ron which converts in 24.94 US Dollar right now (and @25 bucks generally); I know Serif have nothing to do with it, but I’d be more than happy to pay as I did some years back, in US dollars for my purchases, and without VAT. Bottom line is, I was lucky enough to purchase Designer when it first came out and it was 70 Ron.