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  1. @DWright Hello, on iPad Affinity Designer while saving a design for laser cutting to ‘Assets’ the app froze, crashed and I’ve lost over a hundreds designs (everything I had in ‘Assets’ — instead the ‘iOS 12’ category is back despite deleting it months ago) most of them for good, with no backup. Probably not but before losing my minds completely I have to ask, there’s any chance to recover them? Kind regards.
  2. I had to read a couple of times what I’m seeing here, and even now I can’t believe my eyes this is a drawing; beyond beautiful, thank you for sharing with us!
  3. I think it is limited to ‘pure’ vector brushes, everything else being raster files over a vector line; as my little understanding goes, for us to be able to expand strokes of more complex brushes (such as the beautiful ‘engraving’ new stuff) Affinity will have to improve the brush creation making possible to use ‘real’ vector shapes over a vector line, and I think we are years away for that to happen.
  4. There are various bugs in this version that makes my work impossible to continue; even the expand stroke which suffered huge improvements, is useless right now because using the ‘add’ function adds sometimes too many anchor points, making the resulted shapes looking highly unprofessional and somehow useless for cutting machines. The Boolean operations are not working how they are supposed to, and this especially is a work-breaking for me. Right now I’m forced to work with other software but I have to ask, is any hot fix on its way to AppStore? I’ve put hundreds of hours to understand and improve my workflow with AD and all my past files are in its format as well, so please make an update at least so Boolean operations to work fine, like it did in 1.7 (sadly for me I can’t test the improvements you guys were talking about). Kind regards.
  5. Two weeks ago I reinstalled affinity designer after getting to 100GB of size; today the iPad started to be unresponsive because the app reached 150GB which made impossible to save many of my vector files to iCloud. I’ve managed to save parts of my files in assets, unfortunately half of them didn’t upload. iTunes doesn’t help anymore. If you have the tremendous misfortune and it happens to you too, open your projects and saved your projects by following ‘document - save as’ and make a fresh folder; it doesn’t save outside projects; sometimes it doesn’t save ‘as copy’ either. Probably many of them will not save so making a fresh asset adding your projects there is the only way to get your files out (it’s good I’ve made multiple assets because a couple of them didn’t upload. I should have probably reboot the iPad but it didn’t cross my mind) Monitoring the app size is mandatory if you have such issues yourself, although sometimes is getting out of hand and triples in size very quick (yesterday the app had @40GB) I don’t have the strength to complain about this anymore, but this bug is messing with people lives yet it’s just as bad as it was a year ago when first reported. I couldn’t make a video but I’ve managed to screenshot the app/device storage in settings. Kind regards, iuli
  6. Sorry for bumping this, but after an hour of manually putting swatches back into Designer I feel the need to reiterate that missing the ability to import/export swatches is a huge issue; this is an essential feature that should not miss even in the early stages of any graphic software, vector or not. Please bring it to iPad because without it the app (otherwise amazing) is incomplete. Kind regards, iuli
  7. Thanks for the info; all my affinity files are not linked to the app and when clicking them they open to show the preview and they not automatically open in Designer as they did before updating to iPadOS. Since they’re showing right on your side it clearly has something to do with my device, even if I have no idea what is causing this. Regards
  8. ...for both Photo and Designer (1.7.2, iOS 13.1.1); thumbnails are shown however for other photo/drawing apps so it might have something to do with Affinity (if I’ve missed something and they can be somehow ‘activated’, any help is much appreciated) Kind regards, iuli (edit, uploaded another image since brushes aren’t shown anyway)
  9. Using the color picker while enlarging the canvas makes the color picker to ‘stuck’, as shown in the video below; the only way to get rid of it is to restart the app. I apologize if this has been reported already — I couldn’t find it. Regards 8534573A-F94D-4E99-95A8-E0E0977BCB55.MP4
  10. I think you need to use the three finger gesture to select nodes with the lasso
  11. Hello, this is the thread; @GabrielM came with the solution; it helped me out a handful of times in the past, hopefully you’ll find it useful as well. Regards.
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