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  1. If Affinity Designer for iPad is released, and if it's anything like Affinity Photo, the first purchase button pushed will be me. That would make it possible for me to go on vacation!
  2. Well, this is a lot of app. I'll take an evening an learn it, but I'll say this is a big app, with a lot of ability to it. So much of my work can be done on the back porch, now.
  3. I just came back to say yes! I rasterized the tile background, the ice cubes, and some other sundries. It worked perfectly, thank you for all the help.
  4. Pdf flattened, 6x8, 1200? is that what you're asking? Thank you for trying it out to see what's up. I can try to lower the dpi, or, prerasterize some of the elements in AP, and see if it will export. I'm blaming the large amount of tiny tiny ice cubes in the illustration, myself. I'll give it another shot, let's see what happens. Thanks.
  5. May I attach mine? Snopeusz already typed out my problem, only in both Affinity Photo and Designer. sh01-14.zip
  6. Miserable miserable money costing slowdown. Throw the computer across the room slow down. Fresh, sweet clean total reinstall of Os X, but slower than my 86 year old Aunt Katie on a bender.
  7. Well, that was quick. I came on here to learn how to create some brushes for texture, and ended up with these. Thanks! for the price, you sure saved me a lot of trouble.
  8. Must add: JimmyJohn, this sentence altered everything. 'I had vectors as nests and masks with vectors, pixel and pixel, and mixed, using FXs (including drop shadows) and different blends at different opacities. Gradients, line pressures etc etc. I even put your confetti pixel layer on top of everything. I still got a usable eps.' This opened up my mind to the use of nests and masks. Using a more defined order to things really changed my art for the better. Special Thank You.
  9. Thank you all so much for the time and effort of looking at it. It is complex, that's what I meant by huge file. I know to many, it's too complex. Not all my works are like this. Shoving things around in AD must've been a bear for you- like a clutterred office- only the owner of the office knows where everything is. The knowledge about Eps is worth a mint, Thank you. It's like being told I'm not crazy. Went back and forth tween AD and AP alot- that could not have helped. I sent the file to the show chief of Krewe of Barcchus in pdf, and Svg (finally got it to work) & told them any resizing will be on me. Thank you all so much, from me, and a passle of Scottish Terrier owners.
  10. Thank you for your offer to help. I finally got a PDF to be transparent, and I'm afraid if that doesn't do it, then it's toast. (What's worse is that I've got 20 pages of a comic on AD, and now I'm biting nails at it's possible unpublishablity.) I'll set up a link, and perhaps you are right, others can see where I'm screwing this pooch. You have a good night. The app crashing, I know, is the signal that it's been a long enough night. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yskjh8x5oxc2s7a/mardipaws2017logo2a.afdesign?dl=0
  11. When I open the eps in AFD, it's all one layer, of which the background is part of. I thought myself, "It's vector, I'll just delete the white square. No. I opened it in AFPhoto, thinking that it was part vector so maybe maybe maybe. No. And it was raster. It's a very big file, How would I load that? I have to Force Quit a lot. there is a point where you know that beachball is not going anywhere. I tried all means of export, (For print, for web, etc..) I'm still getting the same thing. I'm still trying to figure it out, even though the creeping feeling is that I'm wasting my time, and I'd better get cracking on re-doing this work in Autodesk Graphic. It won't look at nice, but it will be able to go beyond Affinity Design on my desktop.
  12. it's a png to save space on the server. They asked for a eps, and had no question about the gradients. The eps simply does not have a transparent background, no matter what specifics I used to export it. There's a white square around it. It was to be printed on dark shirts. Now, while trying for an svg , I get naught but blank. I've been, not drawing, not correcting, but trying to export this design for the last six hours. Just exporting. Six hours. I wish the description on the App Store page explained that AFD was for sh!ts and giggles, only, no real work. the .afdesign does not open in another program, or else I would have done that and had been done with AFDesign forever. What's the use of an app that can't be put into practical print application? Am I to draw this design completely over again in another vector app?
  13. Affinity Photo on my part. The background is as white as white can be. What a shame. I can't use this work- it was to be printed on shirts with a transparent background. The group was looking forward to wearing this design. I guess I can scribble on t-shirts with an El Marko?
  14. Any improvement to pdf export at all would be appreciated. Effects used with "paste within" is a waste of time.
  15. Bought it without a second to look at the reviews or anything, knowing full well that any problems would be fixed snappily as possible. Very happy with it, no problems so far, very glad to go from designer to photo and back again.
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