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  1. Well, don't get me wrong. StudioLink with in-place editing is already incredible useful. But It also has very rough edges at this stage. For sure there is ongoing talk/developing/reshaping in the af team meetings. But I think what I need, would be an official explanation, guideline, or "workaroundflow" if you will, from Serif, on HOW to use this in the meantime until there is a cleanup of the whole concept. I can imagine there are MANY things going on regarding an iPad-version of AfPub and the challenge of how to deal with linked assets on a mobile device without access to t
  2. I made a graphic in afDesigner and then placed it on a afPublisher page as linked. When I double-click to edit it the changes I make are immediately synced and displayed in the Pub-document. Cool! There is no save, I can only close the edit-window. So far-so good. But, the changes are not saved back to the linked file. It's more like it is an embedded copy of the original graphic I created. But most of the time, I want to write the changes back to the original file, like I had done the modification directly in Designer, so it updates in all documents in which this graphic is plac
  3. You really should not have to deal with any plist files. Just launch Photo and Designer and close them again and then launch Publisher. Normally this should do the trick.
  4. I wonder what the deal is with modifying linked documents... I can link an ADesigner-doc into APub and then double-click to change some things, but the changes never get saved to the original AD-file. And when you embed your changed file, it reads the unmodified file from disk and discards the changes? There's something broken...
  5. +1 for customisable columns. It would also be fine if the placeholder in resource-manager would be rendered in the right colour space, not as highly saturated RGB when it's more "pale" cmyk...
  6. +1 Just bought Publisher and already have one small project where I could use it. In the meantime I set it up in InDesign, where it sort-of works, but not very well... hoping for affinity to do a better job than #ADBE!
  7. After reading this thread I only just realised the original date of this: 2016! So let me add my 2 Euro-Cents to this topic,I usually use every tool in my belt to adjust transparency of my layers in my compositions. By multiplying channels, locally dodging, burning, making an outline and blurring it - then expanding by gradation-curves and subtract the result from my original channel, and so on. Also, I often need to go back and dodge or burn one nasty part of this mask, AFTER I have imported it in my layout (Indesign/Publisher) I have not made the jump from PS yet, but I purchased
  8. I'm sorry, but while it's true that these both words exist in german, that does not mean they are used for the same thing. If you talk to someone (german) in the printing-industry they will all tell you that the correct way to spell the name of the printing-plate as Cyan. That's technical language. I'm reminded of CorelDRAW! which confused us when they used "Aquamarin" instead of Cyan, back in the old days... As of now, all usual suspects in this app-landscape (adobe/quark/corel...) use the term "Cyan" as german translation. See german Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedi
  9. 1+ calculations in input-fields are always handy. But it would be also fine to be able to do this with mixed units.
  10. (I found no other posting to collect all the possible localisation issues in photo, so I start a new one) German: "Cyan", not "Zyan" the color "Cyan" as in the "Selektive Farbkorrektur" or selective color correction is wrongly translated to "Zyan". I checked and it is also in the 1.6 release.
  11. Please consider comparing it to Illustrators behaviour, where you can add multiple effects, outlines, appearance-options (even offset-functions) to ONE object and also are able to define the order in which they are applied. Indesign, for example, is different here, as it only allows strokes on the frame, but allows effects (shadow, glow, transparency,...) on both the frame AND the picture in it. This, of course, was never consistent and I would welcome it if Affinity came up with a better cross-app-solution. But, to be clear, I don't think either ID and AI are the one right way to
  12. I too use adobes "Smart Objects"in PS. I use it to combine photos – as layers for placed images, which I want to have stored unchanged–plus the overlying modifications, so I can duplicate this Layer to another PSD or simply change the source-image and the same modifications are applied to this new image. I'm talking about heavily layered compositions. As I'm still using CS5, I was not aware you could by now use RAW-files as source-images … What I'm still dreaming of was always Macromedia xRes (an old mac-app from 1997) which allows to combine different images resolution
  13. I recently did some testing of publisher by making a brochure with a lot of text. I noticed some weird behaviour when moving around in my document using my apple magic (touch) mouse: the linespacing changed suddenly and another time the text size increased as if by ghost hands... I researched and found there is a (some might say) *neat* feature to change values of input fields by just hovering above and scrolling the "mouse-wheel" – but this sometimes also happens when my mouse-pointer is somewhere else. Although it may be an interesting idea, I consider it a bad implementation,
  14. I tried to replicate this behaviour, as I also think this is very important. As I just see – you are using the windows version. If someone from the team reviews this, I can tell you: I'm on a mac and here this does NOT happen in any affinity-app (beta or regular).
  15. Hi! As many of us, I'm used to the UI of adobe – although we may not like every behaviour – much of it has proven to be at least consistent and practical. I encourage the affinity-team to experiment and try new ideas for a workflow optimised UI that's fun and easy to use – it does not have to stay the way adobe settled. But what I'm essentially missing is a way to keep all the _different_ panels arrangements I need per usage - so called "Workspaces" in adobes parlance: Maybe that is what the "Personas" are for, which is an interesting approach, but I use workspaces
  16. This. I also am used to work with low res or unretouched versions of photos in my documents, and upon finishing the project after several weeks of changing things, a simple task of replacing all the images with what is the approved version, by opening a seperate Finder window (or explorer for win). And from there flick those pics in. It’s literally a task of seconds even for a multi-page brochure. If I had to do this with a command (replace) and getting a picker window, and then for each one had to navigate to the right folder, I would go nuts! Of course it is absolutely mandat
  17. I just tested this. It works. This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you, @DM1! This context-sensitive bottom row is really hard to understand. I never know if an icon is a toggle switch or a button... and it really makes no sense to change the dpi via a (percentage?) wheel-button or is it a download progress indicator?
  18. wow. just wow. I have high hopes on affinity, but this UI is not easy discoverable... not at all
  19. OK, first sorry @MikeW, didn't want to offend you in any way, but your point did not explain why every other pdf-viewing program is able to retain the original measurements. Internals do not and have not to matter for the enduser. I made a test and yeah... designer for mac also imports the files using points... I manually changed the units to mm and voilá: now its right. (on the desktop at least) So why would this not work on the iPad... What does not smell right is that the iPad-menuitem for changing this is called "resize" I don't want to resize anythin
  20. Excuse me, but EVERY pdf I ever created is displayed with the right measurement on various systems and viewers (adobe or 3rd party). Every fileformat has its internal unit-system but also some metadata to remember at which target-units you created it. So the question is: why does Designer-Mac respect those and Designer-iOS not?
  21. I use the iOS version of Designer to open (and convert) my illustrator files. I know that Designer‘s „import“ reads only the embedded Pdf-part of the ai-file, which is sad and on top of that on iOS it has problems with custom fonts (as there is no real font management on the iPad) But one problem drives me crazy: I make my designs and occasional floor-plans in Millimeters and every single imported file comes in as points. As I learned in other places in this forum, there is an option „resize“ which you can use th change the units to milimeter, but that resizes the documents contents
  22. Although I use the metric system, I still use points for text as it's industry standard. So this is enabled.
  23. Thanks for finding this option! Sadly this does not do all the things I expected... My Situation: I use Illustrator to draw some blueprints/plans of our home with exact scale 1:100. This means 1 millimeter on the plan equals 10 centimeters in reallife (hooray metric system!) Now moving my files to Designer and everything is now in points, which I would describe as a „bug“ (you should ALWAYS keep the same units of the source file!). If I do the trick to change the units, all is now displayed in millimeter, BUT with the unchanged pt-values - a 1 meter wide door which was 28.3 pt u
  24. I'm sorry but it wouldn't matter if I sent a PDF with 1200dpi (rasterized) parts to my (various) print shops – through their RIPs it's recognized as <IMAGE> and gonna be rasterized at 300 or 400 dpi at best - which you can see (tho there are ways of including 1-bit TIFFs at around 2400dpi). Imagine you would print a page mostly full of text, which you had rasterized before output, and then think about the amount of data such a multipage-pdf would have... And as alternative to this, only rasterizing parts of the page (as Affinity does now): On paper you will see the border at w
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