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  1. The resource is not missing, is embedded and I want to make linked. When I relink first page It relink all files, but on page two it make ungrup all files and maintain embedded. After that I must relink file by file...
  2. Hi, It would be a good idea if you implemented the possibility to select more files with the Replace option enabled. This way we save time when we do relink. Thank you! mbcqg4lYdU.mp4
  3. For now I will do this manually, but I need this to work properly because every day I use this...
  4. Hello everyone! When I try to replace image or relink image on a publisher file, the objects it changes its position (see video attached). Does anyone have any idea how do I fix this? 2019-07-10_11-19-02.mp4
  5. of course I use linked but even so the file size reaches over 5GB
  6. Hello everyone! I have a question for you. What is the best way to create repeating object and what affinity app should I use. I nedd this for printing purposes. Now I design business card in affinity designer or photo and then I place that file in publisher and repeat on specific page format (size). The problem occurs when the source file is complex and large. Repeating it often increases the size of the final file and the app is crash. What can I do about it?
  7. sorinciupitu

    Data merge

    another vote for data-merge
  8. Error on Copy Group Layers in Photo from one document to another. Please help! 2019-02-23_11-04-24.mp4
  9. sorinciupitu

    Wrong export in AP and AD

    I create this file with Affinity Photo on Windows pltform. This is not the beta! I cut in same document and after that I created a new layer with the object that I have cut. I realy have no idea why this happened. Last night I had to rebuild all the work from scratch because of this bug...
  10. sorinciupitu

    Wrong export in AP and AD

    I have to finish this project today, and I have many images like this that I have worked, and now Affinity fucked up all my work
  11. sorinciupitu

    Wrong export in AP and AD

    yes, after that i add other images in the same document. when i zoom in / out inside affinity, they appear wrong, as you can see in example images. Even when I export them in any format the issue is present.
  12. sorinciupitu

    Wrong export in AP and AD

    I have such files that have the same problem. Those layers are cropped images, only that...
  13. sorinciupitu

    Wrong export in AP and AD

    Someone, any idea? I need to find a solution fast...
  14. When export this file from .afphoto format to .jpg or .png or anything else image display wrong, and parts from object are missing. I tried to export from another PC, but the result is the same. I have this issue with other files and I don`t know why. Can you tell me why his happen? Thank`s! Grup_automat_toate_modelele_automate_-_GRUA_-_1.afphoto

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