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  1. BUT I did it again and it worked!!! - attached is what I was talking about that was missing! I never thought I would like it so much - what would you call these - perhaps I was describing them incorrectly??? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I did try that - it did NOT bring it back....it was just little text at bottom of window that indicated the shortcuts of the tool you were using. ANY OTHER THINGS IT COULD BE?
  3. It was something that was there ever since I started using Affinityu - I did not put them there - they were under working window and showed keyboard shortcuts for the pen tool (if you were working in the pen tool - in the node tool - if you were working in the node tool - it was an affinity "helper" - I must have accidentally clicked something to make them go away - but I loved them - they came with my affinity photo. DOES ANYONE KNOW?
  4. I checked these and I do NOT see a place where I can get the helping shortcuts underneath the working window as you are working on a specific tool - I always thought that was SO handy. Like in the pen tool - it tells you keyboard shortcuts of the tool you are in right under your working window. WHERE IS THIS TO TURN BACK ON?
  5. and my refine for selections at top of window has disappeared.
  6. I must have hit some key but the HANDY keyboard shortcuts at bottom of Affinity Photo window have disappeared. I tried to no avail to find them. HOW CAN I GET THEM BACK? thanksQ!
  7. I am on a Mac - and purchase Affinity Photo thru App program on Mac which indicated there would be free updates. The only place I can find an update to 1.5 is thru purchase? It is not automatically showing thru Mac Updates - can you please let me know where to get this update?
  8. KUDOS to Affinity for such a fine program - and to ALL THE MASTERS with all the great solutions - MUCH appreciated!
  9. never mind - i got it! (I think) for some reason it didn't work previously (me I'm sure) - saw the cropping tool - it was a little tricky with the fill - depending on what was highlighted - again, I'm not sure exactly how Imade it work - but i think i got it ?!
  10. I wanted to create a clipping path so I could import in to Quark and print as a silo. I tried the post from May 23 = and unless I did something wrong - neither of the ideas did this - I saved to both a psd and tiff, imported, and no siloing. What I DID do that worked was - on my path layer - I clicked on "mask to below" - highlighted the layer - gave it a fill of white - copied it - and pasted it in a NEW photo document with transparent background - saving it as a psd or tiff worked for importing as a silo. I was hoping for less steps - but so far can only accomplish what I need to do by the above steps. Any input would be appreciated. Perhaps I was just missing an important step on May 23 post. Thanks!
  11. Thanks - sorry - how would you convert a path/shape to a pixel in Affinity PHOTO?
  12. I currently don't use Photoshop any more (due to their subscription based nature) - so forgive me if I get the key commands a bit off - but you could make a selection of marching ants - and by either control or alt clicking it in palette it would give you the nodes - which can be extremely helpful - is this possible in Affinity?