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  1. I'm having the same issue, it would be such a better experience without the white outline🙏😭🎨🖌️💚 In rounded brushes the outline is not a problem because you can still see what you are painting, but in more weird shaped brushes it becomes pretty annoying. The improved version would end up looking somewhat like this:
  2. It would help a lot in making precise selections without wasting time in more complex ways to achieve the same. Thank you.
  3. Well, you just stop there, at what I suggested haha. I see text on a curve belonging only to Designer and liquify in Photo but an artboard tool i feel like is needed in both, just like you have the pen tool in Designer and Photo. An artboard tool isn't specific for raster or vector work, it can help both.
  4. There already are templates (Iphone, Apple, Nexus, etc.) but we need the option to add our custom ones so we can work faster and so you can make Affinity Designer better software for designers. Yes, I know you can create an artboard from the new document settings, but with that I would have to maybe create new documents over and over so I can have custom specific sizes for artboards, when it could be easier and faster with and option in the context tool bar. For example, I design mostly for instagram sizes (and I'm pretty sure a LOT of people using Designer do) and for portrait size pictures I would be nice to be able to create 4 : 5 artboards every time someone needs to design in that size. Something like the crop tool's context tool bar options in Affinity Photo but for the artboard tool is what I have in mind as a suggestion. Thank you.
  5. I mean... there is already one in Designer, so why not in Photo? I know I can create artboards in Designer and then go to Photo, but that is just an unnecessary waste of time that could be fixed easily (I guess, I'm not a developer). And I also know that photo is supposed to be just for photo editing, but hey, maybe i want to edit two photos side to side, or make comparisons between different versions of the edit, maybe one in color in one artboard and the other in black and white in the other artboard, etc. You get the point. Please, It is really needed. Thank you.
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