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  1. out of curiosity, I downloaded one of these free templates. I tried to open it in my old Photoshop CS5, which worked fine(-ish) as this version barely works today in Mojave... What surprised me, was that upon first opening in APhoto it displayed OK and when saved as .afphoto and re-opened the perspective is off. You can also see that in AfPhoto the smart-layers have an additional perspective applied, which they do not need and have in Photoshop. (see screenshots)
  2. was hesitant all the time, to enable or disable this preference, as I am alternating between print- (CMYK) and screen-layouts. It is always converting the colours to RGB although I mostly use RGB hex for web and CMYK for print. It's a very useful feature, though. would be cool to selectively copy per right-click as the OP suggested.
  3. Sorry to say, but I think you will have to describe a little in words what you are trying to do vs. expecting to happen. (yes I watched the video) If its the fact that the NAME of the colour swatch does not update to reflect changes in the colour NUMBERS - well this should be intentional as you can rename it to whatever you like and one must be able to have 2 swatches of the same colour. It's a bummer thou, that Affinity apps do not have a feature to automatically rename a swatch based on numbers, like the checkbox in InDesign (whose implementation also can be frustrating if you co
  4. I can confirm, Photo 1.9.1 immediately quits after showing the splash screen. (the new Publisher beta works, thou)
  5. in your dropbox... I sent you a second, different file which also crashes afpub19b911
  6. It crashes every time I open a pre-beta document (via: right-click > open with > publisher beta) sometimes it displays the "this is a non beta document, are you sure?" dialog, but then crashes. edit: it also crashes when using the regular menu command "open"
  7. One thing I noticed looking at the window menu: if you combine two document windows into one (as tabs) you have no way to switch between them (either via menu or by defining a new shortcut) other than with the mouse ...in contrast to the macOS Finder windows/tabs:
  8. My use-case would require that I also have unused but registered colours in my document palette. If I understand correctly, you would aim for a clean solution with only actually used ones in there? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding.
  9. @Nazario I'm also not very happy with the current colour system in the affinity apps. Working with what we got here, I would say: By "palette" you would use affinity's "document palette" the Swatch books would be all the other palettes in this dropdown >>> (your and my) problem is – one can never see them side-by-side for a simple drag-n-drop action. (of course there would be some other things left to repair...)
  10. Help! @Patrick Connor After updating the release version to 1.8.6 (Mac AppStore) this beta wont start anymore! because: <Validate Product Key Popup> Do we have to wait for new beta versions of all three apps?
  11. @anon2 Thank You so much! Strange tho, that it does not work, if you have selected a word to be replaced by the double-clicked field. In this stage as a beta feature, this is very counter-intuitive.
  12. Sorry, I'm not sure if this has ever worked like I think it should – obviously some people have already managed to successfully do a data merge, so... I have a .csv file with headers called <name> <phone> ... a document with prepared text "<name>, <phone>" opened the data merge manager opened the fields panel set up all so that the datasets are correctly displayed in the fields panel If I press "generate" I get a new document with as many pages as my datasets but the text is still <name> <phone> I "accidentally" re
  13. that's how it should work. But as I mentioned, the colour palette panel still needs a lot of love from the affinity team - most times the swatch selection does not sync with the object selection...
  14. I just saw: the latest beta (798) now automatically applies the colour swatch after it generated it as global! One step forward, hurray! So while they're on it: can we now please also select multiple colour swatches to delete them together? (renaming a colour is also very cumbersome...)
  15. @Nazario not sure if I'm able to follow your example with the red/yellow triangle... But if there were an setting to automatically generate or link colours, you have to be able to have two or more equal colours that are intentionally NOT grouped together. example: I have some global white swatch used only for text on a dark background and the same white 0/0/0/0 but second global swatch for specific graphical objects. So I can independently recolour the text OR these objects as a whole if I'm changing the design.
  16. Well, for AfPub, I would like this, but I realise it isn't just as easy: Glancing at the Adobe way(s), they never unified such a behaviour for InDesign and Illustrator as they grew based on different codebase. Illustrator mostly didn't need global colours and gave you the freedom of messing around creatively colour-wise. InDesign on the other hand does register EVERY single colour occurrence as a global colour, which is a more cleaner and maybe less creative way. ID way: For consistent output of press-ready PDFs, you want the controlled way as a Corporate Design usually never uses mo
  17. Thank You for this suggestion, Walt. But that is basically the messy workaround which I now do, but like to avoid. What if you like to merge an object from Doc#A with some of Doc#B? The swatches have the same name and should be merged and linked together. At some point in every workflow you will inevitable have to copy objects together. In Indesign there is also this neat trick if you change a colour swatch definition and paste an object from an older document with the old definition (same colour name!) then the new definition is used and linked to. That's very handy! (...and ca
  18. As the short title tries to explain: Copying objects with assigned global colour to a new document does not transfer the document palette. So they retain the colour, but the swatch lives a half life somewhere "in the air". That's a bug. Longer explanation: So I carefully manage my document with named colour swatches inside its document palette. ...maybe for a brochure for a specific client. Then I need to create a related document (same client, partly same graphic objects, obviously same colour swatches.) in a different size, say, for a business card design.
  19. @Chris B I can confirm, what Old Bruce is saying: when you have no document open it crashes immediately after hitting the save button. Next time it opens, the preset is saved though. When I have a picture loaded, this does not happen. But when I choose "default" it crashes (with the opened picture). (I have my panels in separated mode!)
  20. Wonderful addition in this 1.9 beta. At last you can save your studio presets!! Well, I tried and sadly it immediately crashed. (-> I have my panels in Separated Mode)
  21. agree. And with many things regarding keyboards, it's very regional. and back on topic: I just realised, adobe indesign also uses the Edit/Delete Shortcut. But it's functionally separated from text editing, it flashes when deleting objects, but does not when deleting text. Which is why I suspect there is no distinction of these different modes within affinitys apps...
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