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  1. when i try to write letters with accents using the alt-key on my mac keyboard, it looks like this: `è or ¨ü or ^â the accent is placed on top of ánd before the character
  2. yes, that's it. works perfectly now. the problem was that i followed the path to the plug-in directory. but slash only was the solution. thanks for the help.
  3. the three screenshots show the sequence in the way you suggested. yes, the nik plug-ins show in the filter menu, but the nik apps stop at the window by saying my trial version has expired. accessing the same plugins via photoshop or lightroom gives no problem.
  4. thanks for your answer, but it's not the solution for the problem. i emptied all fields of the plug-ins section. restarted. followed your suggestion. no plugins were revealed in the listing of plug-ins in the preferences. i tried the filters menu, but: no nik plug-ins. then i emptied all fields and installed the nik apps from the photoshop plug-ins folder in the normal way and clicked the authorize global button en followed the procedure. with the same result.
  5. yes! i can use my preference since a 'clear' during restart with the control-key pressed. but now all my nik plug-ins are gone. adding my nik collection again only results in a list of unknown applications. i can find them in the filters menu, but each of them opens as can be seen on the screenshot i will upload with this entry: close the window or buy the product. neither button works. in the former version of affinity my nik filers worked flawless. any suggestion how to solve this problem? btw: i also use macphun plug-ins (like luminar, tonality and intensify) in lightroom, but they don't work in affinity. they do appear in the filters menu but clicking the menu items results in absolutely nothing.
  6. illusie

    Affinity Photo Beta (1.5.0 - RC4)

    i would very much like to use my nik- and macphun plugins but none of them can be started from within affinity photo - while all of them work perfectly from within lightroom and photoshop).
  7. yes, i'm using live dof in this case and as you can see in the attached screenshot preserve alpha is checked. the problem appears to be in the clarity slider and/or the preserve alpha checkbox. lines and dots disappear when i either slide the clarity slider to the ultimate left (value 0 px) or when i un-check the perserve alpha. just found out: there's one blending mode where the problem doesn't appear: 'lighter color'. but i'm not sure if this wil be the same with other photos.
  8. hi, after using depth of field blur in affinity photo, my image showed lines and squares and some tiny dots. large squares as seen in the affinity u.i. (see .png screenshot); small squares after exporting the file as .jpg (see .jpg attachment). i saved the .afphoto-file, but that's over 100 mb, so i can't upload it here. is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? jan van de ven trying to reproduce the problem, i discovered that lines, squares and dots only appear when using the clarity slider of the depth of field options.
  9. illusie

    macphun plugins

    hi, i pointed affinity photo to the plugin-folder of my adobe photoshop. that works fine for the nik plugins color efex and silver efex, but not for the macphun equivalents tonality pro and intensify pro. both macphun plugins work fine with photoshop. in affinity they do appear in the filters/plugins menu, but starting the plugins results in a message 'tonality pro plugin started...' or 'intensify pro plugin started...' after which i have to quit affinity by forcing the program to stop via the finder menu. regards, jan van de ven | beeldenstormer.nl