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  1. hi, i don't think you're wrong. i have the same problem with the greater than signs in the page number fields when the imported .pdf file is generated by pages (and the page numbers are generated automatically). in my case i used the font georgia. in publisher i removed the page number text fields by hand. i thought the solution would be to make a master page with only a page number field and to apply i to all my pages, but that doesn't work. regards, jan van de ven
  2. no, i meant what i said. but it's all rather complicated and there's this language barrier... let's call it a day and - following your advise - pretend it never happened, though that means i have to apologize for bringing up the problem in the first place.
  3. o, o, next problem. after detaching the text layers, i can't save the file any longer. after closing it without saving and double-clicking it, it can no longer be opened in affinity publisher. see the attached screenshots of the warning messages. you might try this yourself unsing the file 'testbook-a4.afpub' i uploaded earlier in this thread. what exactly did i do with this file? after opening i selected the right master page (called 'rechts') i selected both text frames in the layers tab and clicked 'detach' in the symbols tab. i did the same with the second master page (called 'links'). then i did a cmd-s to save the file and i got the message 'failed to save', after which reopening the file was impossible (and of course it was not already open in another application) and eh... after that 'save as' doesn't work either. in the meantime i've set up a new document and tried all the things that might have occurred to the text fields (i.e. switching to symbols and back) and saving the document without any problems. so i think the file 'testbook-a4.afpub' must have been corrupted in one way or the other and i'm afraid we'll never fint out what caused this corruption.
  4. i'm sorry, Chris_K, but i really don't know. in the above attachment i saved the history, but it's not the complete history. what i did wrong, i must have done wrong in an earlier stage. until now i wasn't even aware of the use of symbols in affinity publisher. seems to be a powerful tool though. who knows, my cat did step on the keyboard of my imac when i looked the other way, as was suggested earlier in this thread. after detaching the text fields as symbols, the problem seems to be solved, but i can't get rid of the orange lines next to the text fields in the layers. don't they show the text layers still are behaving as symbols?
  5. but who says my mistake (if it is a mistake i made) could not accidently be replicated too in some way?
  6. and yet... here i'll attach the document that causes the problem - and still does. it's named testbook-a4.afpub. i saved the history with it. i was able to retrieve it from my time machine. as i send it, the right master page (rechts) is as it should be. now double click the left page (links). you see the text frame and page number frame too far to the right. try to correct this by aligning them to the left of the photo frame. oké? now double click the right master frame again. and what do you see? both text frames have moved in the same way you moved the frames of the other master page. try to change the text in one of the frames and you'll see the same change in the frames of the other page. i'm not sure if this is caused bij some mistake i made, but i really don't know what mistake that might be. the problem doesn't occur with picture frames. testbook-a4.afpub
  7. i just made a new book. exactly the way i did before. but now i can't seem to be alble to reproduce the problem. everything works as it should. my mistake, i presume. my apologies for bringing this up. case closed, i hope.
  8. i'm using the same version on my imac.
  9. i just created a new but related topic: i tried this work-around to create mirroring pages, and found this problem.
  10. hi, duplicating a master page in publisher includes duplicating the behavior of the text frames on that master page, i experienced. the situation: a master page with a photo frame, a text frame and a page number. it's a right page, text frame and page number aligned to the right. now i duplicate the master page, alight the text frame and the page number to the left. but on the original master page the same happens. the text frames of both pages seem to be corresponding in some way. my work-around is creating a new page and placing new image and text frames mirroring the first master page. but that is rather laborious. anyone else experienced the same problem? or is the behavior of the frames done on purpose? why? regards, jan van de ven
  11. this only works for elements on a page, not for the page itself. i'm looking for the possibility to mirror the full page (i.e. the master pages), grid and guidelines included, to get exactly symmetrical pages. i can't find that option in affinity publisher.
  12. i just heard from my publisher that the problem is solved after i selecte all text seperately and for every selection ste the ligature on off. in the main menit would be handy to have an option to turn all ligature in any text in the document to 'off' in the main menu.
  13. i'm not an expert. i don't know where to find the specifics of my georgia version.
  14. ah... i only changed 'ligatures' in the main menu (menu/text/ligatures/use default). i'll have another try following your sugestion.
  15. turning ligature off does not help in my case. the ff's still disappear on my publisher's windows machine.