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  1. Very odd. Maybe there's a font out there that Affinity likes and won't add symbols to.
  2. I've uploaded an un-exported version of the generic book template in a pages format. If I create a PDF from pages and open it in preview, it looks fine. The problem is the printer demands the PDFs be PDFX-1a:2001 or 2003 and that's what Affinity can do that Pages can't.
  3. I've uploaded a generic book template in both Affinity format imported from a PDF created in Pages and as a PDF exported from Affinity. On all the page numbers, there is a ">" symbol on top of the page numbers. Thanks for your help.
  4. Help! Whenever I import a manuscript PDF created from Pages into Affinity Designer, the page numbers all have a ">" symbol next to them and sometimes illustrations do too. I can usually delete these symbols, but for a 200 page document, this is a pain.

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