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  1. Thanks Allan! That looks really good! I'd better get straight back to typing artboards then, by the sound of it!... ;)


    Artboards, Bleed, Glyphs and a basic Flight Check....and I would have no need to use Illustrator again

  2. I use Indesign quite heavily for book and magazine layout I produce for a range of publishers, so would like to think I know my short cuts and my way around around Indesign. but this does make me struggle formatting lots of copy when jumping back to Affinity (example left aligning I would typically hit cmd L which is not so in Affinity Designer).


    So Affinity is done the Apple way, which is not bad if you start fresh, but I have a sneaky feeling this will put off switches handy in shortcuts from Indesign and Illustrator to the upcoming Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer if all the short cuts need re-learning from the off start. 


    So my question is this....Is it possible to have Adobe shortcuts as an toggled option in preferences?

  3. I agree with Matt. The Flokk logotype (word) and the bird image are strong and unique enough to stand as a brand. When you add Creative below - with such heavy/graphic text and colours (visually) you are splitting the attention between the two, weakening the whole as a result, because you now have two focal points.

    You can still may add creative if you feel you need it, but i would try do so with a discrete small sans serif font.


    As separate elements both "Flokk" and "Creative" letterings look gorgeous.

     I think your both right....I get carried away to easily and got attached to the goo 

  4. Playing with a more fun logo this afternoon. The top "slashes" in the Flokk wording echo the slices in the bird and the goo...well that creative juice of course ;)

    (see below)


  5. My son is adimant I inclued the laser cannon from Arnies Predator. My personal favorate is the riffle from District 9.


    But I'm sticking to ray and laser guns, so it rules out any bullet based riffles, this regrettably includes Judge Dredds law giver ( I wanted to bend the rules with that one so bad).

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