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    Paolo192 reacted to Dan C in page scroll speed with mouse wheel   
    Hi Paolo192
    Unfortunately it's not possible currently to change this, however we may add the option in a future update!
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    Paolo192 reacted to Juergen in Manual absolutely necessary   
    To be frank - I don´t like video tutorials. They waste my precious life time. And they are a waste of (electric) energy.
    Why? Because they don´t offer immediately what I´m looking for. Watching a video tutorial im forced to watch guys on the screen that are talking, talking, talking … but not about the items im interested in an which I need to get along with my work.
    There should be at least a downloadable PDF with a detailed table of contents. In order to use software I need instructions and I need this information in direct access - and without electricity consuming internet connection.
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    Paolo192 reacted to Gabe in photo: working with live mask preview   
    Quickmask only works on new selections, and not on already existing ones. I'm afraid that's all we've got at the moment. No live mask. 
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    Paolo192 got a reaction from Chris M.. in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi, I’m Paolo, from italy. I have used adobe software for years, but I have stopped at CS6, the last version not CC. I hate renting software. Finally, I have found Affinity, a great news for me!
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