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  1. Thanks for your tips. I admit: I belong to another era. Creativity on PCs died with ATARI. Real creativity is where scissors, glue and brushes are.
  2. Hello To be frank - I don´t like video tutorials. They waste my precious life time. And they are a waste of (electric) energy. Why? Because they don´t offer immediately what I´m looking for. Watching a video tutorial im forced to watch guys on the screen that are talking, talking, talking … but not about the items im interested in an which I need to get along with my work. There should be at least a downloadable PDF with a detailed table of contents. In order to use software I need instructions and I need this information in direct access - and without electricity consuming internet connection. Regards Jürgen
  3. Hello Chris_K Sorry for the trouble I caused. Issue #2 is solved. Users best friend? RESTART. Issue #1 For my workflow it is crucial to import Word text directly. What do you mean by "at this point" ? Regards Juergen
  4. Hello #1 It´s not possible to import / place WORD text #2 "Open recent …" does not work #3 Vector Persona and Photo Persona can not be started, even the latest versions are installed.
  5. Hello After working with Affinity Designer for many months now I give up. Compared to Illustrator there are so many restrictions and "does-not-work"s that I can´t bear this software any longer. I also bought and worked the book. Perhaps it will take 5 or 10 years more to make Affinity Designer to a creative tool. I don´t like the thought to subscribe CC - but there is no other way for me. Good bye and good luck! :unsure:
  6. Juergen

    Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.

    Thank you very much! It´s really helpful :P
  7. Juergen

    RAW opens in wrong ratio

    Hello Chris_K With lens correction switched off I get the complete image.
  8. Juergen

    Missing information on my RAW files?

    Hello Daphen It seems that the RAW-functionality in Affinity Photo is pretty buggy. In several forums I found a lot of hints that point in this direction. I´m afraid that we have to wait until the developers take care of the RAW-issues und solve the problems. I developed a workaround to get hold of the whole RAW image: 1. Create a new document 2. Chose "Place…" (Platzieren) 3. Import your RAW file into the Document 4 "Rasterize" (Rastern) the image / the layer and now you can develop it
  9. When I try to open RAF-files (Fuji Finepix S5 pro) the images are cropped on all sides. I found no hint to change this. Other software like ON1 Photo Raw 2017 opens the files correctly.
  10. Hello I got the the Workbook for Affinity Designer. Now I tried to download the ressource files. But I get only error messages. What´s wrong there? Regards Juergen
  11. Juergen

    Vers. 1.5.1 Toolbox empty

    Hello Assurer Choosing "Show Tools" didn´t work. So I deleted the programm an downloaded it again. Now it´s alright.
  12. Hello Since I installed Version 1.5.1 the TOOLBOX is empty. How can I re-install Affinity Photo or fix this mistake in another way? MacOS 10.10.5 Regards Juergen
  13. Hello There is an overlapping in the German version of the "Live-Strudel" menu. Please see the attached screenshot. Live-Strudel labeling.tiff

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