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  1. Hello Team ! Back again with this topic which i think i more a question than a suggestion. Well ! A curvature tool is something we find in Ai which make certain type of drawing easy to achieve. We have not a tool like that with Affinity Designer i know but the Pen tool was recently over boosted for better satisfaction. is there a way (using the pen tool and one of its current fucntions) to create shapes similar to what can be created with the curvature tool ? if Yes please share the trick and link a video here so we can learn. if No then i suggest Devs to tweak the Pen tool or any other tool that suppose to make it so this kind of operation to happen. There are people who specializes on drawing abstract things and make the beauty shine out of it and i know one of the first tool they may ask if they chose to move to Affinity Designer will be that one tool and also being able to do that so called curved thing will be of great help for hand lettering design, logo and fonts designer and compensate the fact that we not a smooth tool implemented yet. Less is more said Tom Cargill from Satori Graphics and Chris Do from the Futur, a tool/function that help us design with less nodes will help us do more and much better. Blessings !
  2. Hello Team ! Today i just want to make a suggestion which maybe you have received from other users already, if it is not the case then ... let's keep moving on. Live preview are great things that i believe can be expand accross many most used functions such as Boolean Operations and Alignment & Distribute. Well sometime doing a vector design we may want to cut shapes or combine or do whatever passes by our brain and find ourself stuck in the Do-Undo because we are missing the right tool etc... One would say : Learn ! I would answer: it is okay to learn but sometime hard to do when in the middle of something beautiful. So making the Boolean operation to also Live preview is a good thing, i would select the desired shapes and just slide my cursor above the different boolean operations for them to display the result without me clicking on it and i click only when i find (through live display) the right operation i wanted to achieve. The same Live ability should be implemented to Alignement and Distribute too. Select the object i want to align, click the align & distribute icon and slide above the different alignment or distribution to see then come up live and click only if it is what i want. The Live thing was implemented for Adjustments and saved us from tons of mistake in such a way the giant Adobe implemented it into its software suite and we can see today how easy PS and Ai have become. So why not going a step ahead and expand it to much more functions and tools ? Boolean Operations + Alignments and distribute is actually what i've found, maybe another one have found another tool that need this i don't know. If so please leave your idea here so we help Devs and others to figure it right and get it implemented so we test it in this beta and help them correct and make it perfect for final release. Blessings !
  3. Hello People ! i'm happy to come back here today to share this quick one with you. if you have been following the progress, you should know that I've drastically transformed my workflow to include new way to achieved things thus building new skills. The journey is exiting, really exiting and this is all powered by the Affinity Suite in it's current beta cycle. Great thanks to the Serif Team for the software suite. hope you will recruit the right guys to help better the software. Well, i've been trusted again by Perez Chapel Foucks, that local church in my town for Bachelor dinner to take place on the 23rd of this month. No more text, find here the Social Network design made for their Facebook page and also for sharing over IM such as whatsapp, imo, wechat, telegram etc. You will find both French and English version of the same project as the requester wanted both languages to appear. Like always please leave your comments and share how you would make this even better if it was you doing this, my notebook is open ! Just build your words and critics on a creative and constructive way, think that you will help other reading this improve and not only me. Blessings !
  4. Hello Everyone ! Hello Team ! Today i'm coming with this clear suggestion: Could Serif start making (and inviting) peoples and users to live webinar or YouTube Live which will be more organized like Masterclasses ? What's the point for this ? Well, in fact it is not bad to have short courses or content like the one we see and have on the respective YouTube channels (Photo, Designer and Publisher) but when it comes to really practical way of all this ... it gets really complicated i mean, if i want to achieve a project using APhoto and i want to process some massive Dodge and Burning (the Affinity way) but in the same time i don't know about layers and what they are used for, then i will be tempted to work in a really destructive way with almost Zero possibility to recover. So to fix that, the better will be that i attend a Masterclass/Webinar which Topic will be Layers and where i will learn not only about layers but about most of creative and most needed operations that can be done using layers (dodge and burning included). A 1h long with 3 or 4 examples is enough and then i will ask question about that precise topic and get answers. This will make people progress really fast, drop the pressure level in the forum and make every people who really are invested to progress together and deliver good or simply much better. The Masterclass can also be the opportunity to have those people you are presenting on Spotlight to not only talk about this and that but come connect with Affinity community though a Webinar/Masterclass for a 1h long sharing. There are many things that can become a Masterclass topic, from Text to Paragraph to Adjustment Layers etc. Also Webinar/YouTube live Masterclass can be the very place to showcase the current Beta through kind of 30min. Okay ! here is toom much line of text. I leave it here for everyone to read and bring necessary inputs, the idea is global but only the community can refine it. Blessings
  5. Dear @Wosven now I know it is you, my notebook could go without that deep insight you always show. Dear @haakoo thank you so much for sharing that topic, I'll learn from it. Blessings
  6. Hi @MEB Happy to read that but please will that DAM be included (kind of persona) into APhoto or will it be a complete total separate software. I would be glad to have it hadone a persona and not have to download something else that may lead to much headaches and learning again. Please get inspired by Luminar 3 and Capture One Pro 12 and the way they implemented it while making the affinity DAM much attractive, easy to learn and use, not a resources consuming thing but more intelligent and powerful. All this is reachable as you are a team of genius. Blessings !
  7. Hello @AdamW From what I know and have seen so far, in Design becomes a book / magazine editing monster when it is teamed with inCopy. Do you have plans for a mass text editor like that ? I mean, inCopy allows large team to come together in the writing side while designers focus on the layout side. Being able to hire seasonal typing assistants who will work from a dedicated module of publisher and just submit their input to fit with the global layout which can be reviewed by the project manager or any other teal manager would be great and make us feel like using a limited software (talking about larger teams or serious projects). It is more a question than a request. Happy if planned and still happy if not planned because I'm sure you will come out with even nice solution that fits. Blessings !
  8. Hi @Wosven I tried to make it more visible but it became really... I'm surprised this one went straight no special comment from you. I'm maybe missing something here. But thank you for being present. Blessings
  9. Hello People ! Kind of busy actually but back with this quick one. i was trusted to help a local church to get their Facebook palette of stuffs (banners, etc ) aligned to their central campus. So what you see here is more like a redo of their global design for which they had no source files sent to them, so i had to draw with designer, work with photo and consolidate with Publisher ( i always use this one for export and couples of stuffs). Tell me your impressions and what you think can be improved, maybe i will get chance to discuss their global concept and bring some changes in there. ... i used Luminar 3 again here for it lovely Ai function to color + clarity + luminance boost for i wanted to obtain such a crispy clear files but sized less than 400KB for FB to not mess things up with their compression algorithm. Blessings !
  10. Hello @GarryP So glad to read from you on this one. Well, this ike the other ones is more experimental of new tendancy that i'm not really aquinted with but you are right. i wished we could have a function better than the most renowned content aware (crop, inPaint etc...) my idea was to replicate subject environment left and right and get all this more balanced but could not do that. So maybe here you or anyone here can advice me how to extend a picture left or right using content aware method of work with affinity photo; it would be really helpful, Everything you said is of great Help and really i appreciate, Blessings !
  11. Hello Peoples ! I'm back with this quick project i've done for a seasonal accessories reseller in my town. Please check it as the previous one and tell me what you find not okay and how you would make it better. This project was done with : Affinity Photo Public Beta (For everything Pixels) Affinity Designer beta (for everything Vector) Affinity Designer (For everything layout and export) + Luminar 3 was used for its good capability to export in JPEG for social networks (Whatsapp + Facebook) Color + Luminance Boost was done using Luminar 3 Ai enhancer preset at 85% with Clarity Boosted at 3%, i've added this details for more informations, i know few of the team members often look at this topic so this can help them understand my actual process and help bring corrections if needed, Blessings !
  12. +1 I like this one but ... why a line if like you said one pixel is sometimes hard to distinguish. A rounded or square would be more visible. And this look like the one from Adobe but much thinner though I like it's gradient color which is inovative. Good idea
  13. Hello Peoples ! I've been working on a photo project and needed to remove some blemish then ... found that the dedicated tool for that have some limitations that needs to improved. Okay ! let's compare it with the inPainting tool menu and we will see that for manual work there are really missing stuffs in there, exemple: - BRT can't process Non-Destructively yet (which is not a good thing if we work out of develop persona) - BRT doesn't offer pen presure in order to control the thing - BRT is not that area/content aware as it should be - BRT in the develop persona always display Blemish: None, which is not true considering i've loaded a photo with blemishes so the automatic blemish detection is not working as expected here and should be improved. in fact, in the develop personal the operation should be more automated with the possibility to fine tune it, it should auto-detect all blemishes then point them and allow us to fine tuning it by removing points that we know are not blemishes but a misinterpretation of the software detection process. on the other hand it should be possible in the Photo persona to create a blank/empty pixel layer and do the work from that layer with appropriate settings like Pen Presure control, hardness, flow, opacity and width ... only to list that. it is actually not a suggestion but a request for tool improvement ... BTW i invite the entire community to bring up some ideas on how each one feels it could be improved because i may be missing things here or simply not understanding the Serif philosophy regarding that same tool. Blessings !
  14. Hello Peoples, Hello Team ! Well today i want to raise a point that we often skip as we move on to more cool and nice Affinity stuffs and that point is: Layer color setup ! Yes often want to make better organization of our layers and marking them with appropriated colors (personal way to code this and that) is often what we tend to do but ! The actual way to do that is a bit of ... not as bad but ... too long and too burried/hidden : Right Click on the layer - scroll down to properties then proceed ! Now let's think of it in a different way. (that's the purpose of this suggestion). I believe that putting a clickable square or round button in front of the layer (blank in the beginning) that we can just click to reveal the same drop down thing which i think should eventually show more options than just color and name). After we do what necessary, that button or square thing would then switch from its blank/empty display to the selected color and the layer name would also update when we close it by clicking out of that drop down stuff. Being able to lock it should be great too ! Also i see that function to mark a layer with a color is missing on APhoto (recent beta) while it is something important. Well that what i drop here as suggestion and i believe some other have though or asked the same. Please guys may you think this is important or just useful please drop your comment with more details or even a drawing of how you think it could look like (to help the dev team) or just click and like this topic. Blessings !
  15. Well thanks i can see that ! it is not a problem, my channel too is outdated for 3months now. Still need to learn more about video montage and get some nice ideas to put on video. Will watch your contents from now dear ! Blessings
  16. dear @Allan Thompson your work is great and i appreciate this but still need to figure it out a bit more ! BTW your Youtube channel is not existing ... are you sure you put the right url ? Blessings !
  17. Hello @Wosven Could not expect less than what you put together in your comment. Really helpful ! As i told you, the project is still open and the requester said nothing yet but surely will do so very soon. the idea behind this type of business cards is simply to unveil the person or personality behind, to reveal that nice person to others. it has more meaning than this simple one i gave you but at least you the idea. i will try to put your advises in practice and propose some new revamps and which one the guy takes. Thank you for your input.
  18. Hello Peoples ! Don't you think it is time for Serif to implement a learning mode into Affinity software ? i mean the learning more is very useful for new comers who may want learn the software by themselves for basic and complex operations. This can be backed up with official tutorials etc... but the real change would be for those offline to be directed in an interactive mode one they activate the learning mode. it can droping the learning curve as many are coming from PS or Ai and uses quite different terminology than we do and learning mode can help make the switch even better and easier. i don't know how useful you think this can be for Affinity users but i just put it here may it be of any help. Blessings :
  19. Nice topic ! I also found the magnetic selection tool to not work as expected and it seems the tool decides what is good to be selected even if i force it to select what i wanted. Well i skipped the report and switched to polygonal selection tool that does a better work and you can refine the sharp corner by using the smooth selection in the Selection menu and just increase percentage/pixels and you will get something much better. But Magnetic should become more intelligent and ore usable, far more then what we actually have. Blessings !
  20. Hello Peoples, Hello Friends ! Today find a new one i'm working on. Well it took it to share this one prior i close with the requester because your advises are valuable to me. Again a Business card, peoples seems to like this concept. Tell me what you like and what you think can make it even better vs what you dislike and think i should change or remove completely. But first i want to have your inputs in order to better this. This other one was made with 100% beta version of Affinity Suite. Blessings !
  21. Dear ! That doesn't matter at all; the most important thing is where you are now and the right choice you have made ! Also added the joy that procure your presence in this community. Blessings !
  22. depending on your config and the amount of time you plan to invest into learning or doing videos i would advice you go for : Filmora 9 or Filmora Pro. Personally i like Filmora Pro it is still new but most of things you can do with premiere you can do with it and not only that Filmora Pro uses less resources on both plateform while you may not easily run or work with Premiere which may lead you to buy another computer (i don't think that what you want). Camtasia is also another good software but only if you plan to deliver educational contents such tutorials, courses etc... that really rocks i use for educational content delivery and it is a really good piece of software. Another point is Filmora Pro and Camtasia are not so expensive and you have tons of pre-made stuffs both free and paid that you can use to start with and learn from. Blessings !
  23. Hello @Wosven As always, it is a pleasure to read from you as you deliver good advises. Well the requester picked the one in the wallet already, he preferred that one but i like really like all points you brought to the light and they are very useful. I have another concept coming in few days and will surely take your advises into account. Well for the picture ... he said: i don't like photos too much so just work on this one ! i agree its not the mood we have when talking about wedding etc. Thank you so much and to everyone looking at this topic and giving advises that help me grow even more. Blessings !
  24. Hello Peoples ! Just want to know if it is possible to do a content aware crop or/and content aware fill with Affinity. if No ! did someone achieve something similar using one of the available tools ? Please share if you succeeded with this so can learn and apply. in case of 100% then it would be a great functionality to add. Blessings !
  25. Hello Peoples! Happy to read this. Well i would advice you better go crowdfund AKIRA which is targeting to be the first Linux Design software (100% dedicated) and then from that act ask the dev team of AKIRA to make it possible to work on multiple file format including Affinity file format and make their format readable and usable with Affinity thus making AKIRA a good mate. You can learn more about AKIRA here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alecaddd/akira-the-linux-design-tool Blessing !
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