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  1. 1.- write the word 2.- search the image and copy it 3.- click in "insert into selection" 4.- ctrl+v Thats all
  2. 1.- Open the image 2.- unlook the background image 3.- Place a rectangle on the image base 4.- click on the icon BLEND 5.- Select the color of the rectangle in the blend panel 6.- Fron the right panel, move to the range desired starting fron the left point and unselect the "Lineal" option. 7.- Close the blend options and click on THE mask layer 8.- Select the mask layer 9.- Select the brush and put the Hard in zero<<<< Now just paint over the primary image to clean...
  3. I didn´t refine the selection , I just use the blend tool... It is very easy without make a selection
  4. No es estrictamente necesario saber inglés para entender. Todo es cuestión de poner atención a los detalles en los videos.
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