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  1. please tell me how or where to d/l this update, I cannot find a link
  2. Emeraldz

    Awesome Gradient palette for Affinity Designer

    Link no longer works
  3. Emeraldz

    Color shade - useful for gems or similar.

    Thank you! I'm still in the learning stages and hopefully I will be able to use this.
  4. Emeraldz

    Fabric styles

    Thank you Alfred for the reply, I will attempt this method EDIT: It Worked!!! Thank you thank you!!
  5. I was asked to make a word and fill it with silver glitter texture. the problem is I don't know how to fill the words with a .png glitter file I have. Do I have to make a pallet or a swatch for this and if yes is there a tutorial to do this? Do you know any resources that make and sell such a thing? Appreciate any guidance you may furnish me. I kinda need to learn this ASAP ... like today. Disclosure: I am super new to this program and have little to no experience with graphic programs. I used to do this sort of thing in a cutting software (I just dragged the texture onto the words and it filled it in) but it won't export a 300 dpi photo for it to be printed at a printer for posters.
  6. Emeraldz

    gradients.io palette

    Love the cotton candy one..huge thanks!
  7. Emeraldz

    Fabric styles

    Thank you! I am very new to this program and have no experience at all with designing programs. I need to make a png file - a word and I want to fill in the letters with silver glitter - would you happen to have a swatch for this or how do i fill in the letters with a silver glitter pic I have? I need this asap if you can help I would appreciate this