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  1. Thanks for your candid response. I need to change my computer shortly as my 15 processor, 8 GB's ram and NVIDIA GT525M video is struggling badly processing some of my edits. What kind of processing times are you encountering with your setup? (I see it listed under your name). Or what would change if you were buying a new computer today? I would appreciate any tips you could offer me.
  2. I’m not sure what video card is need to support enhancement acceleration which is a new feature in 1.9 AF P upgrade. Dell computers have suggested a NVIDIA(R) GeForce RTX(TM) 2060, 6 GB GDDR6 GPU for my new computer. I’m not very technically savvy and my question is, whether this GPU is appropriate or is it overspecified. I don’t want to rely solely on Dell sales staff for advice. As some of you may have been down this road ahead me, I would appreciate any tips you might offer me. Thanks in advance William
  3. Successfully downloaded Beta. I have tested it on my problem image and the processing time is on a par with CS 6. I don't think that I will be upgrading to a new computer. Thanks to one and all for helping me out. A few questions on how I set up Preferences > Performance in Beta:- 1. Rendering; Beta pull in my default graphics card and not my NVIDIA GeForce GT525m. Q: Should I switch to NVIDIA? 2. Retina Rendering. Beta pulled in Automatic (Best) and not High quality. Q. Which should I choose? 3. Q. should I enable hardware acceleration? 4. What is the differenc
  4. Thanks, Walt. I have clicked on the above link but for the life of me, I can't see the download button!
  5. I get your point. I use layers and filter layers quite extensively in my workflow. If version 1.9 speeds up AF, I will be more than pleased. Any idea when it will be released? I believe the Beta version is available. Any idea where I could download it from, to try out?
  6. Just for the record, I saved the aforementioned image as a PSD file. I reopened it in CS 6 in jig time. I did a merged visible, converted it to a smart filter and sharpened it using a high-pass filter. Again the processing time was minimal! My question again. Why does the processing Affinity photo take so long.? Moderator please take note and respond. Regards
  7. I use a SSD drive for current work and pre-2021 work is archived to an external herd drive. There is little or delay in loading from my external hard drive.
  8. My set up comprises: Windows 10, i5 Processor; Ram 8 GB, NVIDIA GeForce GT525m graphics card View quality set to Bilinear (Best quality), Retina Rendering set to Auto (Best quality) Compared to CS 6, I have always found Affinity a little on the slow side but of late it has become seriously slow. For example processing an image 595 MB (4617x3499px) To open = 20 sec. To merge visible = 3:15 min. To magnify to 100% = 15 sec per section (up to 1 min to cycle through the whole image) That is just a flavour of
  9. You are right, the peak refers to pixels and not crushed colours. I believe that managing the histogram in Raw will solve so-called crushed colours. Thanks for your assistance.
  10. That's exactly what I mean Bruce. Like you, I have ignored these peaks in the past. Are you sure that the peak refers just to the number of pixels and not crushed colours?
  11. I know how to handle blown highlights and crushed blacks, but how should I handle crushed colours i.e. where the peak on the histogram goes outside the frame. Suggestions welcomed.
  12. Hi Joachim, Thanks for taking the trouble to illustrate how to assign the various file extensions to pick up Affinity Photo in Adobe Bridge. As a matter of fact, I have additionally allocated the following file extensions to suit my needs. But bear in mind that I have also CS6 and Photo Elements on my computer. DNG to CS6 Jpeg to Affinity .ORF to Affinity (Olympus) Fujifilm to Affinity Panasonic to Affinity Tiff to CS6 PSD to CS6 To explain, as well as an Olympus camera, I also use Panasonic both of which are MFT. Because CS6 is unable t
  13. Hi Joachim, Where exactly under what heading in 'File type associations' can I assign Affinity Photo? I also wish to add additional editors such as Qimage, Fast stone etc. as I wish to have more flexibility when working in Bridge. I appreciate any assistance you can give me. Regards William
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