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  1. This still don't working to me. IMG_0822.MOV
  2. Sorry Walt, but on iPad don't have file menu. On the video I try to repositioning this long PDF file, but that came out from the frame.
  3. You right, I don't have these arrows on my placed PDF. So, I try to find what is a proper method to place. I follow this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiq0ThV8dvo&t=199s but I still don't get those arrows on the placed PDF. What I doing wrong?
  4. I uninstall and reinstalled all apps (3 days ago). I set again the iCloud drive is the default saving location, but the programs don't recreated any folders.
  5. I have an interesting situation with the picture frame. I placed in the frame a long PDF. The first page show the beginning and the second page I want to show the end of this PDF. But I can't set the second page right, because the PDF come out from the frame and jump in the first page. I made a video to show this and attached the afpub file. IMG_0810.MOV sample.afpub
  6. On my Mac I had about 2-3 years ago, but that time I don't used the iCloud for default saving location.
  7. Just a little cosmetic problem: I change the default saving location and the created folder name is Beta (I can't rename it).
  8. Wallpaper - Wave 5 https://www.behance.net/gallery/103439353/Wallpaper-Wave-5
  9. Wallpaper - Letter Y https://www.behance.net/gallery/94965731/Wallpaper-Letter-Y
  10. Hi, I have a little problem with the Transform Studios. When I start any of the desktop application with the normal application window and using the transform studio (moving or resizing something) the tab progress process X, Y, W, H: normal.mov I think this is a normal. But if I use the desktop applications with the Separated Mode. In Separated Mode the tab progress process is X, W, Y, H: separated mode.mov This is not natural for me. Why changing this progress? Thanks.
  11. Strange Light UI maybe mistakes. 1. Different type of scrollbars in a different position. 2. The separator line don't approach the start and end points. 3. Some Studio panels (ex. Paragraph) sub header background colour don't approach the start point.
  12. Sean there is the point! You are the good way. I need to reset the rotate. I don't recognise that first. reset rotate.mp4
  13. Of course. Here some... bag-alt.svg bag.svg money-insert.svg suitcase.svg
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