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  1. I saw that your attachement is an .aphoto file but what is the file extention that's inside the aphoto project file: jpeg, raw, tiff?
  2. You're right Greyfox, I've put it badly, I wanted to know if the initial/original image in the .aphoto project was a jpeg file or not. Anyway you can take a look here:
  3. Hi Mark and thank you for the explanation. However I have about 15.000 old slides saved in jpg and many of them are affected with a color cast and other problems that I want to correct; it often happens that I have to rework them again as my perception of "right" colors change from day to day. In short for my purpose it is very useful to have stored them both in original .jpg than .aphoto format (at least before exporting them in jpg).
  4. Hi, I would like to know when and/or it will be fixed, .aphoto file size from jpg are really too big for backup purpose, Tks for your answer.
  5. Yes, it happens only in Affinity and this happens only using the touchpad, there's a "dot" using the pen.
  6. Hi Chris, No, my Surface Pro 4 has never been connected to an external monitor and it's set to default native resolution 2736 X 1824 and default 200% scaling. Furthermore I noticed that the same weird tool icons size appears also with ap, I haven't noticed it before.
  7. I discovered that many tools' pointers are barely visible when over an image except the move tool. Monitor is set to native resolution 2736 X 1824 1st image move tool, 2nd flood fill tool, 3rd view tool
  8. I have the same lag with the inpainting brush tool on my Surface Pro 4 i5 4gb ; I thought it could be caused by the low quantity of ram but I checked my memory usage and it is around 70/75%. Strange is that when I was using (until the day before yesterday) I experienced no lag with the inpainting brush tool. Anyway the lag begins immediately, I mean that when I start painting with the inpainting brush tool the stroke begins after half a second or so and is very stutterly/intermittent/not regular.
  9. Hi dimmageiras, I tried what you suggest me and: 1 In my system if I move the cursor outside the image and back inside the cursor remains as "the hand" 2 If I right or left click inside the image the cursor turns back to a circle.
  10. With the blemish tool selected (icon as a circle) if I want to move across the image with the spacebar pressed (icon as a hand), the cursor doesn't return to the circle icon after releasing the space bar (it remains with the hand icon); the same behavior occurs with the inpainting brush tool.
  11. Hi Patrick, still no fix for reducing the .aphoto's file size generated from jpg? Will it always remain 3 times bigger compared to 1.6?
  12. Hi Gabe, with version 1.7 (both beta and stable) I don't have this isuue but at the moment I prefer to stay with, as I explained in this post:
  13. Hi Aidon, no color cast in your image, at least in my pc (tested with beta and
  14. Your issue is different from mine but I suspect there is something in common, take a look at my post:
  15. Hi Stokerg, any news about this issue? Or an estimated release date for a fix related to the 1.7 .aphoto file size generated from a .jpeg?
  16. Hi Patrick, any news about the jpeg file size issue? PS: waiting for a fix, in the meantime I rolled back to
  17. Hi Stokerg, I have successfully installed (Tks to a Photoshop demo) the Aurora HDR 2018 plugin (Aurora HDR Photoshop plugin is installed from inside the program, only if Photoshop is found in the system); what I have done is find where the plugin has been installed and copy it in: C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Plugins. Well, now Aurora HDR 2018 is working as a plugin in AP in
  18. Hi Sokerg, I have the same issue (exception not handled) on my Surface Pro 4 too (I discovered it yesterday); it seems to me very strange that this issue occurs on both my notebooks; so I think the culprit could be Win 10 1903 that I recently installed on my notebooks (with 1809 I never had such an issue).
  19. Tks Stokerg, I asked only because I read it was working. Tks the same for your interest
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