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    PC's, gaming, world creating, eg:terrains, landscapes and now game engines not that I know sodd all about any of it
  1. Kia ora Thank you so much for ALL the tutorials as an opener Kudos I started a thread before I found this one :-( sorry I did after a time find the channels set on Youtube only because it has playlists I think. My main use will be to make textures and texture work for my messing with game engines copying and pasting masks etc into colour channels and the like, yep packing textures too been Beta testing this puppy for the last couple of years http://www.world-creator.com/gallery/ it's maybe a slow grower but it is really choice what can be done even now, collecting out the mask outputs and pasting them into colour channels to make splat-maps to guide where textures show on a terrain and or any tutorials aimed at that kind of creation I'm gonna love ya for. That said I'm feeling a little out of my league here have wee feeling Photo is leaning a little more to the photography side of life
  2. Kia ora Thanks for that I di remember Harry, not sure if that's a good thing lol must be ole Sadly so so true
  3. You are a gem, thank you very much
  4. Kia ora Not sure why somebody desided to make this so convoluted and difficult what I did was loaded both images added an adjustment layer to the colour-map and made it black and white copied that trying to paste it into the alpha channel of the image that needs it but no. I did find the channels videos on youtube and tired the last one on texture packing but that did not seem to work either, maybe I take this to that tutorials thread. I did find that till after this posts. I have to sat to I was a tad peeved at buying and having to wait till the next day to ask my question because of moderation. it meant I could not do anything about this for over 24 hours because of the time zone thing. That said I understand the need to moderate. Would/could you please move this post into the Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials (200+) Where it maybe belongs do you think. James maybe my saving grace, I learn better by watching somebody do it than I do reading a text, such was my schooling days. or should I re-post my question there? "shut up and listen while I tell you whats what" the old pedigogde schooling habit schools had
  5. Kia ora I just brought Affinity to use making texture mask etc for S2-Engine as the other software dose not make RGB 24bit png with an alpha channel. I have loaded the colour map and made it black and white or grey scale but I'm now stuck trying to copy that image into the alpha channel of the mask image. This image is to be a RGBA png with the grey-scale image in the alpha to form a Splat-map mask to filter terrain textures. I'm not having any luck highlighting the alpha channel of my splat-map to paste the grey-scale image into that channel Thanks in advance for any pointers
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