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  1. .1 The modifier shortcut Space + Ctrl+Alt ( OR Space + Alt ) for Zoom Out does not work while some tools like Brush, Eraser, Brun and others work with making strokes actived. And with some other tools like Rectangular Marquee, Wand, Paint Bucket, I need to click several times quickly with holding the shortcut to zoom out the view. Another problem is that...I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature, Use 'scrubby' zoom option is checked, and it works fine with Space + Ctrl, but if I hold Space + Ctrl+Alt ( OR Space + Alt ) down and click down, drag the cursor...this makes an area, and release the button that the area just zooms up to fill the canvas view just like withnot Use 'scrubby' zoom option checked. .2 This is about Brush Preview.While the Brush tool is actived, pressing Space makes Brush Preview stay on the canvas view.Clicking or draging will make it disappear but it will restore if I press Ctrl or Alt. .3 Navigator does not update immediately after making a stroke. .4 Chinese translation is incomplete in Options ( Preferences? ) and some Personas. .5 Wrong Chinese translation in Affinity homepage like 'Store' and 'Sign In', etc. Environment OS: Windows 10 1803 up to date Tablet: Wacom Intuos 3 with driver version 6.3.15-2 Graphic Card: GTX 1050Ti
  2. well, I use affinity photo & designer SIMPLIFIED CHINESE version recently I found that when I turned the cursor to the brush window-mode-stabilizer radius size tip, it would show the hint says "选择画笔流量". I dont's know what the translation actually should be, but, it can never be translated as "选择画笔流量", in chinese it means that "choose (or set) the brush flows" NOT ONLY affinity photo has this problem,it effects all parts those have a brush stabilizer usable with affinity designer, too. hope solve this problem as soon as possible at last, I'm sorry to my poor english.