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  1. Alright. Thanks for your comment, at least this is just the first year since bug logged.
  2. How's it going now? I've checked every update note since 1.9 and found no information about this.
  3. 说是beta版有在改进,或者你试试驱动降级到460版本?
  4. Confirmed. Only Push Forward Tool and Push Left Tool are not affected, both of these tools work as dragging, others is by holding.
  5. Without horizontal separation a docked panel always fit the height to its dock. Almost every software designed as so, in fact.
  6. I mean you may try enable HDR in '32-bit Preview' panel at the right bottom, if you use default studio layout.
  7. @Haujet Zhao 老哥 之前提的透明度失效的问题在今天再一次被他们确认为bug了🤣 文本显示问题不算核心问题,拖个几个月还勉强 画笔系统的问题几个月前1.9beta时就有人反馈 唉
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