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  1. Thanks Richard, I should have done that before reverting to 1.8. I stared long and hard at the OpenGL option but ultimately decided not to bother with it. Turning it off seems to have resolved all the issues I was having after upgrading to 1.9.0.
  2. Thanks for the info GearMaker. I'm grateful for the time you saved me.
  3. In the interest of visibility I'm going to throw in my 2 cents. I mentioned this in relation to another thread regarding the scope of the Select All/Same functionality. Wouldn't it be a simple fix to just expand the scope of the lock function to exclude locked objects from all manipulations, including selecting same attributes? I am a game developer and primarily use Select Same on duplicated items that I wish to recolor quickly. In it's current iteration Select Same is only marginally better than just selecting objects individually. Since locked items are not immune to the Select Same parameters I typically have to cut or copy the objects onto a separate document in order to prevent altering my locked originals, this is a workable solution but hardly ideal for efficiency especially given my scope.
  4. I appreciate the suggestion Walt, while I'm obviously late to the party with the 1.9.1 update rolling out, I hadn't considered joining the beta. Since I'm not sure how to gain beta access I'll have to look into it, in the event I have issues with a future update. On a related note at least one of my issues has been improved, if not completely resolved, with the 1.91 update. I haven't had the opportunity to check the status of the other issue, but I'm hopeful.
  5. Thank you all, you folks are a big help. I was hoping there was a simpler means to revert but I'll just have to bite the bullet.
  6. I would like to go back to Affinity Designer version 1.8.5, as I am having a number of difficult to articulate performance issues. I followed the instructions of multiple posts to download the previous version but I am unable to install it (see attachment). Do I have to uninstall Affinity Designer in order to install 1.8.5?
  7. Thank you folks for the prompt replies. I'll have to read up on the subject once I have a free moment.
  8. Where can I get an explanation of this feature? I've noticed the icon pop-up a few different times but I have no idea what is happening or whether I can make productive use of it. I searched affinity.help but the only result the search returned pertained to "Creating and Managing Text Styles". Since I'm not working with text when the icon displays this result isn't particularly helpful. Any assistance is preemptively appreciated.
  9. I appreciate the reply fde101. I am aware that the lock function only prevents selection and transformation. My apologies if I was unclear on my point. The point I was attempting to make is that I am surprised that the lock function allows anything at all to happen to the locked objects/layers. It could just be my memory playing trick on me, but I am accustomed to the lock function in other programs (Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, etc.) excluding locked items from any action whatsoever. I'm hopeful that Affinity Draw will incorporate something like this in the future so that the newly implement (and much appreciated) Select All function can be used a little more conveniently and efficiently.
  10. I agree I was really surprised to find that locking a given object didn't prevent it from being accessed by the Select Same function. It would seem a really simple fix to exclude locked items from the selection.
  11. Thanks for sharing this tip Lee D. I did not come across this during my search and I'm grateful. I don't think I'll be switching methods however, as my current method appears to be more efficient. Presently I simply choose the object I need with the nodes tool then Ctrl+A to select all nodes and then I shift click the other object and align the curves.
  12. Thank you Psenda for taking the time to answer.
  13. Thank you anon2 for taking the time to answer.
  14. Novice question, Why would an artist want to rotate the canvas, especially in Designer Persona? I can understand perhaps rotating the canvas in Pixel Persona if you are drawing with a tablet but I'm curious what other reasons a more experienced (or creative) artist might have for rotating the canvas.
  15. Hello All, I'm wondering if there is a way to dictate what node gets selected when two layered objects are selected simultaneously? Thus far my experience has been that the larger object, which is typically lower on the layers palette is given priority. To use the attachment as an example, the white object is the top layer while the darker blue object is below it on the layers palette, however if I select an individual node the selected node will be from the blue/bottom object. Is there a setting I missed somewhere?
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