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  1. If it's working fine, carry on. Out of curiosity what processor do you have? Any of these: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/graphics/88355/intel-hd-graphics-520.html
  2. Oops forgot to mention you need to click on Transform on the context menu
  3. Welcome to the forum @JaellyPie Click on the Transform in the context menu, Select node A and B and hold down the CMD key (Ctrl on Win) now move one of the nodes.
  4. Take a quick look at this video: ...and also this link: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/full-feature-list/
  5. Apple Mac are aligned to the right. The edit menu is probably a better example because of all the shortcuts displayed.
  6. You could change the layer blend mode of the PDF to something like Lighten and on the master page have a white rectangle that can be positioned over the name and address. The Lighten blend mode will allow the white rectangle to mask the name and address. Have a play around with this to see what works.
  7. You are talking about the Welcome screen that can (in V1) be toggled on or off; if I remember correctly, from the Help menu. In v2 that appears to have gone.
  8. That's not the experience I'm getting, in Affinity Photo v2, If I click on a layer and then click on the mask icon at the bottom of the layers panel and choose one of the types of mask options available, that mask becomes a child of the selected layer. I'm on Mac Catalina
  9. This is probably to do with the order you have your layers, try placing all the text layers at the top of the layer stack. this enabled another user to be able to display the text where exporting to PDF displayed blank space.
  10. Instead of using the Studio Link Photo Persona, use File > Edit in Photo... the plugins are now available but they really should be in the Studio Link Photo Persona too. Scrub that, I spoke too soon, they are there but greyed out, well all but Eye Candy which for some reason works.
  11. There is no option for source so you cannot load a alpha channel created from a depth map layer. There may be workarounds.
  12. Download the trial for Affinity Photo v2, be aware that Affinity Photo now installs as an app using an MSIX file, if you want to uninstall it you will need to use the apps and feature option not the programs and features. https://store.serif.com/en-gb/checkout/?basket=2b84063bf7daa1d96ae699f8a27ebc8c535f2f0e430300dc
  13. I placed the new background into the existing image but you can also export just the girl. Exporting the girl Select the background layer with the move tool active (V) on the keyboard File > Export > PNG > Selection Only > Export Give the file a meaningful name and save to a folder That should help you, you should now be able to place the girl into any image you want.
  14. Although it's slower, use the pen tool, you get a editable mask to tweak as you see fit and it works well on fiddly backgrounds. Did this quickly to show what can be done in a short space of time. pen tool mask example.afphoto pen tool mask example.afphoto
  15. Do you have Affinity Photo installed if so you can jump to Affinity Photo using File > Edit in Photo...
  16. In welchen Dateityp exportieren Sie und könnten Sie die Datei hochladen, damit wir sie uns ansehen können? What file type are you exporting to and could you upload the file for us to look at?
  17. This is the message you get from Viewpoint as a plugin within Affinity Photo...
  18. Why not set up a few assets for form creation. After a bit of work you can have Labels, Data fields, Notes panels etc then simply drag the required asset onto the document workspace. You can use power duplicate to create lots of fields.
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