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  1. It was set up as in the file I attached. For some reason, when I clicked on Bullet 1 text style, it was making the font size much bigger. Thank you, Chris
  2. Hello there! I'm working on a resume project and am having a hard time understanding how to keep text aligned when it goes to a second line when using a bullet. I've attached a screenshot and the publisher file. Can't seem to figure out how to make it so the second line doesn't align with the bullet, but aligns with the text on the first line. Thank you so much for any help. Still learning Bublisher, so please keep it simple for me. Thank you. Chris carol-resume-22821-A.afpub
  3. Funny, I went shopping for camouflage shorts today but couldn't "find" any.
  4. I've finally convinced the client to use a different variant for his site. Thank you, thomaso.
  5. The ironic thing about that Lagarto, is that in the original post regarding this project, there IS a misspelling in the logo and I didn't catch it until now.
  6. Thanks again, GarryP. I just cleaned it up a bit by removing some effects per CatLover, and I think you are probably right that it's okay as it is for the website logo.
  7. I actually created several logos for him explaining this. But at the end, he chose the copper and had his cards, signs, etc. printed with a copper foil. The issue with the shrunken version is to use for his website. Maybe I can remove the wording and just have the A in the circle, maybe put the text somewhere else for the website purpose. I appreciate your suggestions. Clients can be picky. You can explain to them why something won't work, but sometimes they want what they want.
  8. Hi Garry, Thanks for the reply. Yes, the client indeed wanted that background specifically, they wanted a copper/with a green tinged patina. In the larger version it looks better. It looks odd smaller.
  9. Hello, I'm working on fixing a logo for a client. Unfortunately, when the logo is shrunk to around 150px for use on his website, the text around the circle becomes muddy. The larger version on print signage seems suitable. Does anyone have a recommendation for a font that might be crisper for the text in the circle ("Area Real Estate Advisors Knowledge & Expertise") for when the logo is reduced in size. I just think it appears a bit muddy/fuzzy when the logo is used on the client's website. Thank you so much for any suggestions. I have attached both the working file and an exampl
  10. Hi Thomaso, I have been able to finally get back to this project and I appreciate the video tutorial very much indeed! Question, In my text styles panel by default it has only Base, Normal, Body, etc. I'm assuming that when you created "My Basic" is is made from Base, Normal, or Body, but does it matter which of those I choose? In my case, I just chose Body, and created a new style based on body, and then named it First Paragraph and set the first line indent to 0mm. Hope that is correct. Thank you so much for this help, Chris
  11. That is very helpful Old Bruce! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help. I'm going to try this right now. Okay, I was able to successfully duplicate what you did in the screencast, thank you so much! What I'm not quite understanding is how to "make a style Based On the basic text style." In my text style panel I see Base, is that what you mean by basic text style? Not sure what is the difference between Base and Normal or Body. Sorry not understanding more clearly. Thank you, Chris
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