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  1. Thank you. I was trying to be sure that I understood about "painting over these parts." I first tried just using the selection brush, but it was tricky because of the faded out parts of the window frame. Again, thank you for this help. What great time we live in, that I could just reach out across the world and get instant help at this hour. Just amazing.
  2. Brilliant as always firstdefence. I'm so grateful for the quick response, too. It's almost 3am here in Arizona and I'm been trying figure this out. Thank you so much. Do you have a finished file that I can actually download in addition to the tutorial? This is so helpful. Finally, I can sleep....!
  3. Hello there, I've watched a couple of tutorials on changing sky color, but can't seem to get a realistic effect on the attached image. I think the problem is that some of the window frame is washed out. Hoping someone might have a suggestion on what to do. Just want to make it very pale, light blue, like a sunny day in the city. Thank you so much for any help. Hope everyone is doing great. Chris
  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply, v_kyr. I appreciate your help.
  5. Hi there again, happy holidays and Merry Christmas. I'm back to putting some final touches on this business card project and had a quick question about the shadow color on the front of the card with the tunnel effect. Dazzler made some great points about shadows, and the blur technique for realism was a great point. I got so much good info from everybody, and cannot wait to get these printed for the new year. So now, I'm down to trying to figure out if the shadow color on the back where it has an email address, should be the same color on the front with the tunnel effect? Also, any thoughts based on your experience for the type of card stock that might be best for this? matte or shiny, super thick, regular, etc. Thanks again for this help. business card shadow-3.afdesign
  6. Hi v_kyr, I didn't realize that an outline effect had been applied. I think I must have done that accidentally. Guess I need to look more carefully next time! firstdefence, thank you once again for your time and consideration. It is no wonder that Affinity is Mac's application of the year. You guys make these programs so much fun. I appreciate your sharing your ideas and knowledge.
  7. Yes, Garry, that is a great idea, perhaps I can craft something with the shadow on the back side of the card. Still working through things with the colors and layout. I have to warp the text, and then add the sleeves, but this little color change in the center at least helped me get some of the blindfold man to be more visible. I notice when I zoom in, the man has a light fringing around the edge? Is that normal? I attached a screenshot as well as the file. Thank you for your suggestions! business card shadow-2.afdesign
  8. That's so cool, Garry! I'm saving all these notes for my Design notebook. Great stuff. Firstdefence, thank you, I will pull the text into photo and try to warp things ala Time Tunnel. I think this is going to be a really fun business card. Thank you guys so much.
  9. Hello, I'm still experimenting with this Time Tunnel effect. How do I get the wavy text effect in Designer? (Also, I have lost a bit of the blindfold man, and his shadow seems wrong color with the black and whit tunnel effect. Thinking maybe the tunnel should be a different color? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. ) Thank you. business card shadow-1.afdesign
  10. You guys are brilliant. Truly, this is an amazingly good forum.
  11. Lol. Loved LOTG. Also, the Time Tunnel DVD box has given me inspiration for a nice font to go with this card! Now, to create those wavy black lines would be great, too.
  12. I appreciate it very much. Thank you.
  13. Hi again. I followed your tutorial, which was really GREAT, and then I got stuck on how you got the top of the body to flow to the other side in perfect alignment. Attached is how far I got. Thanks so much for your help. Ps. If you have any ideas on what I could do to maybe liven the text up, please let me know. Right now it's just a basic impact font. Which maybe is okay? business card shadow-1.afdesign
  14. Got it. Again, my sincere thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge.
  15. Wow, this is exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Can't thank you enough for your help! Chris

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