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  1. Thank you, lepr. I'm fixing it now, and appreciate your taking a look at this project!
  2. You guys are amazing, picking up the fine detail. (I take Affinity course on a somewhat regular basis, but have not been able to get this level of prociency. It's truly remarkable. Thank you.) Garryp, do you mean by the slight angling of the brush, that creates an issue of a "kink?" I was trying to slightly offset the brush so that it would appear more natural. Yes, it's cartoonish, but I hope I'm explaining this right. I'll remove the stroke around the brush-lines and try again! firsdefence, thank you for pointing this issue out with the halo. I totally missed that. Thanks again.
  3. Hi GarryP, Thank you for your reply to my post. I will need to make the brush look more cartoonish, as if someone just drew a simple brush, rather than too precise. I just don't really know how to do this with a trackpad. It should be vector so that I can use it in a variety of ways. Perhaps put it on a t-shirt in a picture, or on a van, etc. Markw's drawing was extremely helpful and I can probably roll with that! Thank you. I only made the outline a bit thicker and the brush strokes a bit darker. It is so nice of you both to try and help me, I appreciate it so very much. I've attached my very light adjustment to markw's version. ProCoatings_logo-2.afdesign
  4. Hi markw, thank you for taking the time to do this. how do you get the line of the brush to have that sort of hand-drawn quality? I really appreciate it.
  5. Hi Lee, In this case, it's a bookbinding term. A signature is a single sheet of paper that contains multiple pages of a book printed on both sides. It is then folded, cut, and bound/sewn together with other signatures to create a book. Thank you! Chris
  6. Hello, I have a poor copy of a logo that I am trying to re-create in Designer 2. I think I got the shapes proper, but really am not terribly confident with my artistic abilities enough to re-draw/create the paint brush part of this logo so that it looks hand drawn. (The person sent his only copy of the logo which was on a T-shirt.) Can someone help me maybe to create the paint brush part of the logo? I've attached my Designer file and the pic of the logo on a t-shirt. Thank you so much for any help or suggestions, Chris ProCoatings_logo-master.afdesign
  7. Thank you. If any members have a recommendation for an online printer, please let me know! Thank you.
  8. Hello! Hoping someone can help with a project I've been working on that is ready for print. I've created a pocket calendar in Publisher 2 and am trying to determine the best way to print this and have it bound. My first thought is to perhaps take the pocket calendar that this project was based on and remove the pages in it and then replace it with the document I created in Publisher 2. However it appears that the pages in the existing calendar are signatures that have been stitched, and my pages would print consecutively numbered I think? 1. Is there a way to print signatures in Publisher 2? If not, what would be the best way to print and bind this? 2. Is there perhaps an online service that would print and bind my project in small quantities? Thank you for any help. I've attached the project that I created and also a photo of the type of cover I'm wanting. Chris Fortune Telling Diary Master Layout BLANK.afpub PastedGraphic-1.tiff
  9. Thank you very much, Carl. I see there are a lot of little things you did in the file, and I hope to be able to learn from it how to approach this in the future.
  10. Thank you Carl123 and henryanthony! I really appreciate your input and help. Sometimes, it's hard to be objective with your own projects, so this is so very helpful. I was wondering Carl, can you please send the affinity file you created? Did you just create an oval, fill with black, and then gaussian blur it? Also, is there a formula/technique to knowing how far away to move the shadow to get the proper shadow effect? I guess I need to train my eyes better. I'm thinking the shadow on the ladder is the guide, but I feel like I'm always a bit off. Whereas, you nailed immediately. I attached another example to see if I'm more accurate in this shadow placement, just wondering if it should be more to the right of the floating device. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Chris
  11. Hello there, I'm trying to put an item on top of a swimming pool so it appears to be floating and realistic looking. I tried a few things, like applying a blur, and experimenting with outer shadow in the FX panel, but don't trust my eyes to see if it looks realistic. Is there a technique/trick that would help me get the perspective and realism a bit better, or does this look okay to you guys, or perhaps can it be improved upon? Thank you as always for any help. I've attached my mockup/screenshot, the .png product, and the swimming pool pic. Chris another floatron.afphoto pool.afphoto
  12. This is great! I look forward to trying these techniques out. And again, always grateful to learn new things you can do from people who are masters with this software. Much respect to you both, GarryP and Thomaso. Thank you for taking the time to show me how to do this.
  13. Thomaso and GarryP, you guys are great for helping me so quickly. Thank you. Thomaso, that's brilliant. Wow. The line comes from a logo, which is about a pool product. I was thinking that maybe I could use it as a subtle design element in this top banner area for more interest, or maybe elsewhere on the site I'm building. So I guess it needs to be vector so that I can manipulate the size and color without losing anything but retaining the look? I'm just experimenting with some creative ideas on this. Screenshot attached to give you an impression. I've discarded so many idea, and then just thought keep it simple, maybe? I'm so grateful for this forum and these products. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Chris
  14. Hello, I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to make a wavy line similar to the attached. I'm using Designer. There are some tutorials on YouTube, but not quite like this shape where it looks like the sea. Thank you for any help! Chris
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