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  1. By the way, I figure it out. If you look at the image I attached earlier, you will see the context menu bar has a double arrow at the very top right. Well, I clicked on that, and saw that "Protect Alpha" was checked. I unchecked it, and all works as it's supposed to now. Hope that helps someone else in the future.
  2. chriscaldwell

    Affinity Workbook files

    I appreciate your finding that for me. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Trying to follow along with the Affinity Photo Workbook and am having trouble with the paint brush tool. Specifically, page 197: 1. On tools panel, choose paint brush tool 2. Set hardness to 0%, width to 1000px 3. set color to pure white. 4. paint over wooden structure 5. switch to black color 6. paint over sky to darken This doesn't work for me. There is no visible difference or indication that this changes anything. I created the pixel layer as indicated on the previous page. I've attached a screenshot. Thank you for any suggestions!
  4. chriscaldwell

    Affinity Workbook files

    Thank you!
  5. chriscaldwell

    Affinity Workbook files

    Hello, Is there a link to download all the exercise sample files at once that are referred to in each of the Affinity workbooks? Or do have to go to each link? Thank you, Chris
  6. chriscaldwell

    Publisher Workbook?

    Thank you very much. Hoping that the tutorials will get me up to speed. I just blindly purchased Publisher because the other products are so good and wanted them all.
  7. Hello, New to Affinity and lovin' it! I have the workbooks for Designer and Photo, but don't see one available for Publisher. Is there going to be a Publisher workbook in the future? Thank you, Chris