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  1. Waa waa waa. Everyone wants what they can't have. That's life people. Get over it. or get a Mac!
  2. Noticed that if I open a Illustrator file that has patterns in it, look to be "digitized" in AD. just curious if there would ever be a fix. Or at least a rasterization of the patterns once opened in AD?
  3. Well I could but there would be absolutely nothing unique about my file because it was a blank canvas-no layers, nothing at all. And like I said I made the mistake of not putting anything on the canvas to add the fill to. Here's what happens exactly: I open AD, set a small file size 5x4 72dpi. grab the gradient tool, go find the bitmap (tried all kinds at low and high res) then as soon as I click on the bitmap and say ok, always crashes. That's it. This is on the latest beta.
  4. When I try to use the gradient tool to add a BITMAP fill, AD crashes every time. Funny thing is it only happens when I try to use it with a blank canvas. Now I know that this is my error in trying to use the tool when there's nothing on the canvas but I'm sure AD is not supposed to crash at all even with this situation. When I did use the gradient tool (bitmap fill) on rectangle for example, it worked fine.
  5. I have found that although an eyedropper seems to be the perfect tool for copying styles and recoloring other objects with the same, the good old copy and paste is hard to beat in terms of efficiency and practicality. It may not be sexy but it gets the job done, and quick too.
  6. Don't know if you've answered this on any other forum but, why not add the descriptor text under each field of the dash settings? Like in AI. It would be such a great help. Of course once you get the AD way you get it. But it should be an easy thing not a confusing thing. Thanks
  7. Is an appearance "function" be available that allows for multiple strokes, fills, be added to an object? or am I missing this feature somewhere? Thanks
  8. catlover, its already there. It can be found in Layer>new fill layer>. Then select bitmap as the option in the drop down on the top left in the toolbar. You will have to choose which pattern "bitmap" that you want to use, then your screen may look a little odd but just drag out from center the cursor and your pattern can be adjusted in scale and rotation.
  9. Hello there, go to there Vimeo page and you will find a ton of cool videos. I think this link will help you.
  10. Very glad for all the acclaim you guys have received. I worry now that you guys are moving so fast that I won't be able to learn as you put out new betas. Therefore not ever switch completely over to you and away from Adobe because they will always be a security blanket in many ways. So will there ever be a comprehensive guide to ALL tools that you have implemented? Even Adobe has its Classroom in a Book series for all things Adobe (even though I really didn't like them, they were there for reference). It seems that there is going to be a steep learning curve for learning AD and AP so in many ways it may just sit in my apps folder for fear of not really knowing all the tips and tricks to understanding your tools. Thanks
  11. This is where Illustrator kills it with combo clicks. I agree need to click less.
  12. Would like to see an add nodes button (option) to the middle of two selected points.
  13. Would like to be able to select objects from the layers panel by clicking the layer some way. AI has this by clicking the circle and its really helpful.
  14. Maybe a design agency can help design the right icons for the toolbar. But I guess they may end up looking too much like Illustrator's. Which I know is not what you want. So there's your conundrum.
  15. Would love to see a warp text tool in AD. Would make a complete text tool package!
  16. I noticed it took way too long to make any guides to snap to conventional increments--.0125, .25, .325, .5 and so on. OR not snap at all. Please implement this as this how lots of us start our docs.
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