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  1. Here's the most recent one. I don't remember if it was a RAW or JPEG crash. Affinity Photo_2019-08-16-230956_tgfdsunkh54fhjlkhgkfdhu.crash
  2. Sorry @Dan C, been a way for a little and forgot I started this. Happens with .DNG files, regardless of image. Yes RAW, Pentax K-3 ii. I've had this camera for a while and have processed many RAW files from it in the same manner as I am trying now. I have presets that I use to edit my RAW files. It can be set on any view, None, Split, Mirror. I make one change and sync before. I make another change and sync before, and it crashes every time. I just tried a JPEG and got it to crash too, but it took many more edits. I send the error report to Apple every time, but I do not know if you get those. I do have it selected that Apple could share it with you. Thanks.
  3. I hadn't used Photo in a while, but now I am running version 1.7.142, and every time I click a "sync" button in the develop persona the application crashes. Any suggestions? I never had this problem in older versions.
  4. Believe it or not, when I did not embed the ICC profile it showed correct in both Safari and Firefox.
  5. Hmm. Looks like it is a Firefox issue. It's good in Safari on mine too. Thanks!
  6. I know I've been lampooned on this one for something that should have been easy, but I'm curious if any of you have tried making a new file using the sRGB profile, setting the RGB sliders to the numbers given for a color name, exporting the image and using it in an html document with the color name to see if it matches? (that's what I did on the image I posted)
  7. Yes, I am definitely a novice. I will look into it. I did some research into color meters which led me to my eventual solution. The initial RGB values I got came from w3schools.com. I figured there was a setting I was missing when I first asked the question. Thanks again.
  8. So I found something that worked. I changed the Apple Color Meter setting to sRGB and then got the number of the color from the browser (RGB 45,131,184). I put those numbers into Photo and exported to .jpeg. I reloaded my web browser and set the color meter to the default setting. It was really close (RGB 80,129,180). I had read something in this process that .png was more accurate than .jpeg (https://frontify.com/blog/are-you-using-correct-color-codes) so I exported as .png and checked it in the browser. The colors now match. Thanks for the help.
  9. So How do I get my colors to match? Change the document to my monitor profile? I tried changing the color profile to Apple P3. It was closer but still not correct. And as an aside, when I view the color in Firefox with the color meter, It does show me the correct values.
  10. At the top left of the window it has: RGBA/16 - SRGB IEC61966-2.1 My color layer is a fill layer, and the white bars are a pixel layer on top. The white bars actually come out the same color. I've been checking it with the Apple Color Meter inside of Affinity. Even the layer inside affinity has the wrong color. I set the sliders to the value I want, but it comes out wrong. I even tried making a pixel layer of the blue and using the pixel tool to put it down, but it still shows wrong.
  11. I'm working on a web design, and I am trying to make a custom navbar menu icon to use in my navbar. The color I am using is CSS3 SteelBlue RGB(70,130,180). I used the sliders to set my color, but on export to jpeg (using Lanczos 3 (non-separable)) my color turns into RGB(84,129,176) and no longer matches my navbar. What settings do I need to use to keep my RGB values consistent. And for those wondering, I am using Photo and not a different program.
  12. So maybe I don't know where to find them, maybe they don't exist, but does anyone know if you can set keyboard shortcuts for the "Add" and "Subtract" buttons while using the Selection Brush Tool? It would be super handy trying to narrow down what you actually want selected. Thanks!
  13. That's not quite what I was looking for. In the Help files for "Replacing Colours by Brush," there is a picture of cat in which they changed the color of the towel wrapped around it. What I'm trying to do (I'd upload a picture but I can't figure out how to add it to my media) is replace a washed out area on a face the was towards a sunny window. Maybe this is the wrong way to do it, but all I've been able to do is change the color of her lips, not what I actually want to change. Even if I try picking another color in the image that is very distinct, I can't seem to be able to change that either. Help?!! Thanks. Ooo. Just figured out the picture upload.
  14. Thanks for the topic, I am just trying to do this. The only thing I can't figure out is where to set the color that I want to replace. For example: If I wanted to change red to blue, how do I tell it that I want to replace red? I've figured out how to make it blue, just not the red I want to replace, a mess of different other colors.