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  1. Raising this from the depths of Affinity - could someone post the macro again the DropBox file has been deleted
  2. @DWrightI'll test version 2.0.3 and if they appear to exhibit the same issue that would be great - the files also seemed greatly inflated between PDFX4 in Affinity Publisher v1 and v2 too
  3. Will do @DWright- I can send the files somewhere securely if needed? Bizarrely - I was at NTU on wednesday and could have dropped the files in to you if I had thought more about your location…
  4. I have now come across broken PDF output on two print documents - one for a magazine publisher and the other a print company. Creating PDFX4/3 or PDF v1.7 documents in Publisher 2 - will not process through RIP's. Copying and pasting the artwork content to Publisher v1 and creating a PDF using the same presets works perfectly… It appears to be quite a serious bug in Publisher 2 - has anyone tested output with Raster Image Processors for high end print? I cannot post documents here due to copyright, but happy to send to someone at Affinity to look at if necessary…
  5. @Daniel_Schneck try the latest Publisher Beta - has built in support for passthrough embedded fonts and works exceptionally well
  6. Great shout, but I want the second text box to scale accordingly to allow for larger text areas 😃 So I need a bit of both! Would have used a two row, single column table but you cannot round corners of tables - yet…
  7. Hi, Was hoping to be able to nest an element and lock it so that scaling the outer element wouldn't resize the nest, but unfortunately it does - is there a way to nest an element and not have it scale when scaling the parent. See the video for visual explanation Screen_Recording_2020-11-20_at_10_54_53.mov
  8. PDF Passthrough works well, but there is one small bug. I have noticed that if you duplicate a PDF object the font preview render in the document goes awry - however the PDF output of the page is fine...
  9. @GraphicDesigner that's definitely one way to do it! At least you have a working method - mine was more to do with publication adverts and placement within magazine or newspaper documents where its the whole file placed into the document. 😁
  10. @GraphicDesigner try inkscape and use the option to convert missing fonts to curves during the import of the PDF. Works well enough for the times I have tried but cannot guarantee how it'll handle those fonts you have. But at least it's free and might get you out of a hole! https://inkscape.org/ I use the Poppler/Cairo import option to convert text to curves, then resave and use that in Designer/Publisher or Photo when necessary.
  11. I personally recommend https://fontba.se as a great 'free' font manager that is also cross platform and supports collections of fonts too.
  12. Enfocus Pitstop was our tool of choice for years - as it also handled loads of other problems we would encounter on our RIP's
  13. Just use Inkscape it's free and can convert the PDF to curves - it has two options both work equally well - until Affinity decide to up their game and actually support rendering/conversion of embedded fonts - They could easily make the text areas uneditable if they are worried about users being able to access typefaces they don't own if the font is not installed. But at least it would allow the PDF to be embedded in a publication. Until this is feasible - Publisher/Designer cannot be used seriously for small/medium scale magazine or newspaper production.
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