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  1. To be fair, I bought both applications as soon as they dropped and have used them extensively and look forward to publisher too. The improvement over two years is startling considering they have not required a paid update yet! If you absolutely needed those features, you could have been a CC user, but then you will have spent £1408 to have said features... Not the £100 two years ago... But it would be nice to see it added
  2. I'm sure its been asked a thousand times but is there any chance of a similar function to Inkscape's path effects being added to 1.7.0 << if it were to happen I would be more than happy to pay for the upgrade from 1.6 A very simple example is shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aotGj9iJB4U
  3. Call me odd, but I actually don't like the new loading splash. Not that I particularly like the old fluffy cloud either. If I were in charge (which obviously I'm not) I would take design cues from the Jetbrain splash screens - each revision gets a new 'fresh' design and also has a small loading bar to show progress if things are taking longer than anticipated. For example: Just two pennies worth! No more no less Feel free to ignore Release is great though, can I purchase it soon please before the new tax year starts, I need to get rid of some cash!
  4. Thanks Adam, something to play with over the weekend. Nice to see inner/outer bleed on facing pages.
  5. Excellent, couldn't find a post relating to it so thought I'd add it in to the mix.
  6. Current beta does not apply the adjustment layer on an embedded .afphoto file when exporting to PDFX-4 if the adjustment is a masked layer above all others. If the adjustment is a nested layer then the export gets applied correctly. See below: Publisher file - embedded afphoto, with HSL Adjustment to helmet Adjustment as masked area above pixel layers PDF Output Adjustment layer moved to nested layer Expected and resultant PDF output
  7. This is an important requirement when working on multi-page documents as some of the print services I use require different PDF's to be submitted for each section/part of the item. Currently I am having to use PDFSAM to extract the pages from the document, I know this is okay, but I do always worry that something will 'break' during this process. Native export of page ranges would make the export section 'feel' more like a complete desktop publishing package.
  8. Happy to see PDF Export now has bleed fixed too, I'd say this is almost usable. One small bug/issue - if I place an image and change its size/position or move it within its frame, if I then change the shape/size of the frame then it resets the image placement fill. Maybe the 'image properties' couldbe removed somehow if the image has been manually altered within the frame?
  9. Hi Mark, Make sure you have 'Clip to Canvas' turned on too. I thought it wasn't working initially but then realised quite un-intuitively you need clip to canvas + show bleed on to see the document with its specified bleed - without clip to canvas you get the old artboard effect and show bleed has no effect.
  10. I just opened an .afdesign file and it asks if I wish to make a copy or not. As for the page additions, you can get around the bug by 'ctrl'/'cmd' dragging a page to duplicate it but yes there is an issue with adding pages too
  11. I have a ten page document, clicking the end page icon sends the document to the last page, clicking the back one page works but the forward icon is always greyed out so am unable to traverse the document using the icons.
  12. Just opened up and fixed the pagination in an Affinity Designer file. Each page is set to the correct dimensions and bleed is set to 3mm. Outputting the file to PDF with the 'more' option set to include bleed and printers marks on produces a PDF with marks but no bleeds...
  13. When reading/importing a designer file into Publisher, it would be intuitive to have the option to import artboards as pages. Currently the whole document is imported as a single page with multiple artboards. A work around is to create a PDF and load that as then the pages are correctly handled - however the text isn't handled quite correctly - odd letterspacing, justification etc... Just a thought. Regards, Mark
  14. Can you buy Enfocus Pitstop in the USA and use it legally? I would suggest yes, therefore the whole argument is moot. Font licenses 'generally' have a fair use for sending them to the print house for inclusion in the final printed copy, assuming the 'shop' does not keep copies of said fonts or make use of them in any other production. Without getting into an argument, having worked in the print and publishing industry for over 30 years, seeing the whole digital revolution of typefaces from paste up artwork through to cloud based fonts, the EULA you quote has already been reinterpreted for single use productions at any print shop around the world to produce the customers requirements. All most of us require is the option of importing the document with that respecting the embedded font, it doesn't need to be editable but at least be a vector outline from the glyphs stored in the document. This doesn't not break any EULA but allows production to continue... It could also offer both, outline fonts at import or editable text without any font information and the current font replacement option...