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  1. Great, glad to be of service!
  2. Okay, so delving deeper - if you manually scale a text frame the text flow applies that factor to the text size when link text frames to the overflow frame., or keeps the original text size from before the resize (its a bit hit and miss) linked text flow.mp4
  3. See video for explanation - happened in Beta - still happens in Release linked text flow.mp4
  4. Very short time in Publisher with Photo, but cannot for the life of me find out how to bring my Photo plugins across? Is this a bug?
  5. 30yrs+ of working in Print and Design, this is something that took me by surprise
  6. @Aammppaa, its a fudge but it works and would be hard to manage when moving items around and changing layers. Out of the box,I would have thought text wrapping should honour the layering of the items and each one should only affect the layers below, not above...
  7. Okay found that you can add the 'Ignore text wraps' toggle from the text wrap menu to get the kind of functionality I expected for the upper most layer. But this breaks instantly if you need to add another wrap on top to get multi layered wrapping on multiple text boxes...
  8. I may be late to the party but just noticed that text wrapping doesn't respect text frame layering. If you have a layer in the middle of two others - the wrapping is applied to both the layer below (correct imho) and also the layer above (incorrect imho). I have added a video to show what I mean. PmpDt0w4mR.mp4
  9. mmuller

    [Fixed] Affinity - DX10?

    @GabrielM fixed by reinstalling AMD drivers - Windows 10 1903 update had broken the drivers.
  10. May I add my name to the (hopefully) HUGE number of people wanting to say Thank you for creating a sensible alternative to the Adobe/Quark domination of DTP! My collection Photo/Designer/Publisher is now complete. All I require now is a vector warp tool in Designer Feel free to have a break for a couple of days and then I'll gladly test your 1.7.1 beta with said tool!!!
  11. So, just upgraded to Windows 1903 May Update and installed very latest AMD Radeon drivers for my 2018 Ryzen 2500u graphics card. Opening Publisher this morning results in this: Never saw htis before the WIndows Update...
  12. +1 for a flatten/rasterise on import option +100 for convert text to curves on import
  13. @pdh you might want to try turning off the live spelling checker on a document that size - I'm no expert but if it's checking 365pp continuously it may be a drain on your system to perform that all the time...

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