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  1. Hi all, I'd like to create an ACTUAL grid in Affinity Designer because I want to export the grid. I could draw lines and replicate them continually. However, if I wanted to change the spacing of the grid I don't see a way to do that easily. Any suggestions?
  2. I find it really strange/confusing that these apps are all bunched up into the same forum group. Can we get different groups for each of them? That would make it so much easier.
  3. Wow, these are excellent suggestions! Thanks a lot. @Lagarto your method is super cool. @v_kyr thanks a ton for the tip!
  4. Is there a way to create a sequence of a sequence of numbers in Designer? I want to label a custom diagram I'm making. I'd like to be able to change the font and size, so that's why I'd prefer to do it this way rather than importing images from somewhere else. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply! Wouldn't it be possible not to do this, though? I don't see why a simple color/gradient overlay or outline would need to be rasterized, since you can do those with the normal tools and they'll be exported just fine. Any thoughts?
  6. I noticed something strange. When I draw a circle and apply a gradient fill and export as PDF/SVG, the circle is not rasterized. However, when I do the same with a gradient overlay, it IS rasterized. What gives? Example of unrasterized gradient fill: Example of rasterized gradient overlay:
  7. @Lagarto Wow, thanks a lot for this detailed reply! I’m not going to mess with it now but I’ll check it the next time I have to do this. I’m saving it as a reference. This is going to be super helpful.
  8. Wie hilft mir die App? Es wäre hilfreich, wenn Sie das auch in Ihrer Antwort beschreiben. Und warum schreiben Sie auf Deutsch? Man würde Sie hier besser auf Englisch verstehen. Sind Sie mit dieser App irgendwie verbunden? Any affiliation?
  9. @mmuller I'd like to give you an update. Thank you very much for your suggestion. It definitely works but converts everything into curves; you can't selectively make the equation into curves. Better than rasterizing the document, but not as good as having the actual text in it, I guess. I found a solution though. You can overlay a watermark onto the exported PDF from publisher using Adobe Acrobat's watermark tool. Just select the file and each page number separately. Wish I found this solution earlier before wasting my time installing different fonts :/.
  10. Thanks a lot for the advice! I'm actually not getting paid at all. I'm doing this for my university's research journal as part of the club. As a matter of fact, the original document was a word document. I determined the only way to actually get it into Publisher was by converting it to LaTeX document first. So in a way, I do own the original source document. As a side note, it was difficult because I had to make the body match the layout of the Publisher journal. I had to make it two columns, get the fonts right, a bunch of other annoying stuff which can be hard in LaTeX. It's taken me a whole day and that's part of the reason I'm annoyed. But I think I've gotten most of it done. The only remaining part is getting the PDF into Publisher on the pages it needs to go on. The symbols are causing the problems, I think. After a lot of research I figured out that I can change the math text font, which will be correctly interpreted by Publisher. However, the symbols I don't think I can install on my system, so dead end over there. What you mentioned about the equations—I guess I could do that but there are far too many inline equations in the document, so I don't want to export to eps and then keep dragging them into the document. Especially if I need to change something in the document, right now I can just re-export the LaTeX file, otherwise I'd have to keep moving the equations around which sounds like a bad idea. I'll try what @mmuller suggested with Inkscape and report back how it goes. But thanks for making me see the reality of it. I should be getting paid for this. I won't waste more time than I need to on it
  11. Thanks! I was more wondering why latex distributes it as so many fonts, but it's just how it works I guess. I tried installing all the fonts listed in Acrobat, but sadly all the characters are showing up wrong in Publisher. I tried restarting Publisher but no go. Kind of annoying... looks like I'll have to install InDesign, unless there's another way to put a PDF over another PDF on Mac?
  12. Thanks, I'll try this. Is there any combined font that exists so that I don't have to install all these fonts individually? LaTeX is indeed strange...
  13. I tried installing Latin Modern math and a bunch of other fonts relevant to LaTeX, but I still haven't gotten the symbols to show up correctly. I'm getting seriously annoyed at the number of hoops I'm having to jump through just to put a PDF into my document. I think I'll just install a trial of InDesign and use that, as I'm sure it can embed PDFs without issues.
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