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  1. You're right, I shouldn't have, but I think this bug also exists in the stable version. Is there anything I could do in the stable version?
  2. Hello all, I have an issue where my file crashes instantly upon loading. I am using Affinity Publisher Beta Upon doing some research, I discovered this happens because of some bug with linked files as described over here. I tried solving the issue by renaming the rogue file. Now Affinity Publisher loads the file and shows me the "resource missing" prompt, but no matter which button I choose it just crashes. What can I do? I need to submit this project soon.
  3. That's right, I want it to go back to the move tool after I exit. As far as I can tell, this is how InDesign, Affinity Designer, and other similar apps work.
  4. Actually this is getting super annoying, so if anyone has a suggestion I'd be glad to hear it
  5. I usually use the main cursor tool (V). When I double click on a text frame, and then press escape, for some reason it goes into the text tool (T), and I need to press V again to go back. This doesn't happen I believe in Designer or Photoshop or any other app. Is there a way to fix this?
  6. This is a really trivial thing, but I'm trying to preserve character styles when I click on a Text Style. I know I can click on the hamburger and select that option, but is there a way to do that automatically when I click on the text style itself? I almost never want to remove the character formatting, that's why it'd be better that way for me.
  7. That's amazing! I had a feeling that Affinity Publisher had this feature. Adobe apps really suck at macOS integration compared to Affinity's apps! Thanks a ton.
  8. On macOS, you use Alt+Left/Right to go back and forward whole words, and Cmd+Left/Right to go back and forth lines. One thing I hate about Adobe and Microsoft applications on macOS is that they obliterate these shortcuts, and they are the only apps on macOS which do this. They made Cmd+Left/Right go back and forward words, not lines. On InDesign, I always try pressing Alt+Left/Right as per my muscle memory, but this changes spacing which is annoying because I always do it accidentally. On Publisher, thankfully you can disable this by removing the keyboard shortcuts. But is there a way to get the default macOS behavior back? Now when I press Alt+Left/Right, nothing happens—I want it to go back and forward words though. And I want to change the Cmd one to go back and forward lines. Anyone have any ideas? I'd prefer not to use a third-party tool to remap these shortcuts and all that stuff.
  9. Oh wow, thanks! For some reason the hamburger menu doesn't display for me: But when I click that area the popup shows up: Just in case anyone is having this problem on macOS, thanks!
  10. I totally think that folders would be better and less confusing, haha. This may be a bit more advanced but Based on works good enough imo. Also, you do lose the ability to reorder styles manually in Publisher without actual folders, so there's that.
  11. In the help area for Group Styles, it states that Where do I find these "panel preferences?" I've been searching in Publisher and on Google to no avail. I really want to check that option, and hopefully find the option to turn off the text preview in the panel (it's really annoying with tabs and numbering and drop caps, because the text looks all crazy and disorganized). Thanks!
  12. This actually isn't a feature native to macOS (which I'm using). InDesign and Affinity Publisher are the only apps I know which use it—scrolling in a native macOS drop down list doesn't have this behavoir! Maybe I'll add in a feature request to turn this option off.
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