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  1. Great, thanks folks. So many effects I get lost in them sometimes.
  2. Hi, Do you have any tutorials or instructions on how I can replicate the "Miniature" extension from within Affinity Photo itself? It's a cool effect and I'd like to use it outside of Apple Photos. Thank you, Bob
  3. Thank you for the videos. If I could make one suggestion I'd ask that you could be more explicit about what you're clicking on or whenever you do something on the keyboard. There have been a couple where I'm just not sure what you've done (and this is in part due to me being a new user I'm sure). For example, at 1:59 of this video you do something that causes the selections in the picture to magically disappear and it's not clear to me what you did: https://vimeo.com/134841742 I can tell you did something because I can hear the keyboard or mouse click but I can't tell what it what although I do see that the little thumbnail next to "pixel selection" goes away. Thanks

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