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  1. Just trying out some setting and came up with a few that I thought I'd share. Really just playing with settings again. If you click scale with settings you should get better results on these. Hope you see the setting and maybe come up with your own. Grey Styles.afstyles.zip
  2. I updated the link to a youtube video. Same principle applies.
  3. I use channels in PS to help make a mask easier and more precise. In PS you have the option to create a duplicate channel to work inside of it to create your mask. Unfortunately, AP does not have this yet. But I think I worked something that will allow me to edit a "mask" with adjustments, painting in with blend modes (I've begged for this already) and other ways. I will say that one of the drawbacks of this is that you can't see the mask on the image in realtime if you want to make changes. I would recommend making a duplicate of the grey pixel layer before you rasterize to mask. Just to have a backup. Now this is a very crude and fast way of doing this since I'm always running out of time. But check it out! https://youtu.be/aSA__3WTr64
  4. But then that still seems to affect the image the mask came from right? That's why a duplicate channel is always best, so that you don't manipulate the image.
  5. As I work when I can, on learning more about Affinity products, I am trying to learn how to color correct in AP. I need this task to be tried and true as mush as possible for all photos if possible. Attached is a photo with a harsh color cast, I would like to know how you color correct it and post it. There doesn't seem to be much talk about color correction on these forums. Just curious to see how people are using the tools. I am finding it quite the challenge.
  6. I got it to work. It had to do with where the inpainting layer was relevant to the other layers.
  7. Does the inpainting brush tool carry with it all the adjustment layers? The way I set up the inpainting brush is to use it on an empty layer and "inpaint" on Current and Below. It seems to not do this.
  8. Can we get just B for brush and Shift B for all other tools inside? I hate to have to scroll through all inside to get to the brush.
  9. This worked only when I had clean layers-(no masks) just pixels. If I had a masked layer, grouped layer, etc. and I selected any other layer with or without masks,groupings, never worked. So as long as you have regular pixel layers it will work.
  10. Is this the only settings that will be available? or is this a work in progress? Really need to have more options to painting a mask in blend modes.
  11. Really would like to see the tear off option to tools buried inside others. Unless I am missing this somewhere?
  12. Changing a blend mode from normal to overlay does not work when painting on a mask. Does anyone know how to do this?
  13. I was looking through Lynda.com and I ran across this tutorlal. Its a simple design with color and strokes, inner glows, etc. And then I thought man this guy has to create these angles with the rotate tool, and then piece it all together, not hard but lots of little steps. I then turned on isometric grids that Designer now has and I breezed right through his tutorial with less thinking and way more fun to create!! Love Affinity Designer!
  14. I am investigating this too and I am wondering what is happening. Mike Bonds sketch png is crystal clear and the stroke is black. When I try to do this in ADI get grey stroke and "blurry" as he said. I also did the force pixel alignment with starting at a whole pixel as you have told us to do.
  15. check out Affinity's Vimeo page. Lots of tutorials covering masks.
  16. Then I guess you could invert the mask of the keyhole shape on the rectangle, and let the image show through. Still don't know how you can do this with all objects on different layers. Sorry I tried.
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