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  1. The crash happened when I was coloring parts of a logo with the brush and the wacom tablet. The flickering: It mostly happened when I was coloring. Last time I was using a brush and just using the Wacom to color a part. But it never ever happens like the first 30 minutes or so. Always after a while. I had this issue on nearly everything I made. Always after a while working on it. Zooming helps for 10 seconds then it starts again. I always need to save, quit the program, restart. But then it happens pretty quickly again most of the time. Sometimes a minute later sometimes 10 minutes later. I just make things in my spare time so I haven't made loads of things. Like 3 logo's and 2 vector images I guess. Drawing vector lines and coloring is the most I do. No complicated stuff. Pen/brush/color wheel/ adjusting line thickness/layers.../moving and grouping layers/node tool I have emailed my mac shop and told the whole thing and the video. They have never seen this before on a mac. Also, because this only happens in Affinity and it's a pretty strong mac they are pretty sure it's the software. A program like this shouldn't give any problems at all with this set-up. Nor have they seen things like this happening on a slower mac with graphic software. So I hope you can help me, just bought the book and look forward to learn more. But it's pretty annoying when it happens. I'll try to remember in the future what exactly I am doing when it happens.
  2. 5 minutes on and it crashed, saved the file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_o-9omZwFmTTmYyM0NFTGxaZFE/view?usp=sharing and haven't even updated my ios to sierra yet...
  3. bummer, updated, happens again after about 40 mins tried separated screens, happens again. Took a video, emailed the shop where my brand new superstrong, expensive imac comes from if they can give me advice and if this could be a hardware problem. Let's hope not.... Went back, program was still open. Still happens. closed it....back to normal, but for how long.. Another video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_o-9omZwFmTOUdYQjRwSWJlWmM/view?usp=sharing Should I be worried that this is a hardware problem?
  4. Just read this. Will try it out in the coming weeks and def let you know something. (I'll update to 1.5)Thank you!
  5. I am working in designer again. Yesterday a couple of hours with no problems. Today for over an hour and it happens again. It happens when I move my mouse arrow from my drawing sheet over to the grey parts of the menu. Everytime I do this my screen flashes. I have tried going to fullscreen mode and it still happens. This does not happen on my desktop or in other programs. I really have no clue what is causing this. I tried the zooming thing, it seems to work for a while then it happens again. Anyone?
  6. not sure... Is this a known cause? Haven't worked in this program since. I'll keep an eye on it.
  7. Hey leigh, thanks for having a look. I uploaded a video. It just happened several times that day. Had used designer a couple of times before. Happened on only this specific file as I haven't used the program that much yet. Not sure about the zooming. I will have to test this when it happens again. trim.87DAEC19-0D09-4D98-ACEE-D67617839900.MOV
  8. Hi, This just happened today. I closed AD, restarted, didn't happen in the beginning. Afterwards it did again for a while. Now it's over again. I remember a month ago,I had some issues to. There were stripes and glitches across the screen really badly for like 10 secs. It's a brand new Imac, 21,5/3,3ghz/16gb ram and a fusion drive. Has something to do with affinity? I was using a wacom tablet that was charging at the keyboard and I have a harddrive for backups attached. No other programs except email was open. I'm new to Imac. So not sure if this happens sometimes or if it's really bad.
  9. Hi Callum, I bought the first set, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work, or I'm doing something wrong. In the readme they tell me to right click and then edit. In affinity there is no edit... has it been rasterized? If I press rasterize the color changes a bit. any help?
  10. Hey MEB, just wondering if you find anything or a way to fix this?
  11. I'm working on it again, forgot to change a color in the first square of one of the rats. It doesn't happen there. Only in the last two squares. I started drawing all the squares first, then the line art, then the coloring one by one...quite strange.
  12. Hi MEB, I've uploaded the file because it's still happening. It started after I colored the background from the electricity scene. I used some DAUB brushes with several kinds of opacity. Then I started coloring the last two squares and I never got the colors right anymore. Every color that was saved in my palette appears brighter than it should be. Thanks for having a look, I'm very curious, hope it can be fixed, because I spend several hours on one page.
  13. Hi, been trying to color a comic book, so far everything went fine. Suddenly when I try to flood fill the selected color appears much brighter, maybe I accidently pressed some button. Can anyone help? Color opacity is at 100%
  14. @ sean thanks a lot, works with the brushes now. :-) I set the document to 400 DPI, CMYK and fogra39. So let's hope it looks okay in print. THANKS
  15. Hi, I'm tracing a comic in Affinity Photo. I get this, tried loads of things and different brushes, but when I draw over a line that is already drawn I get this darker black on top of it. How can I make sure it is all the same color? Also the brushes seem quite pixelated, I zoomed in of course, but it's still pretty noticable, is this normal? Designer is not an option as everything will be colored with inks and flats. thanks
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