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  1. Hey All- I have Affinity Designer and Photo, purchased via the Apple App Store, and the 1.8 update does not show up in the app store. I've tried signing out of the app store, and restarting my mac. What am I missing? This happened with the last update but signing out & in again fixed the problem. Not this time. EDIT- I'm running OS X 10.11.6
  2. Hey Everybody- I'm an illustrator that starts my process by scanning in analog ink drawings to jpeg. I use Affinity Photo to remove the white background (paper) & separate the line art that I made from the white background of the paper. It's a pretty common illustration process, and I love using Affinity Photo's "Erase White Paper" filter to do so. So much easier than when I had to perform multiple steps in Photoshop. From there out I use either Affinity Photo to color, arrange, etc. Sometimes I'll open the project in Affinity Designer and use both the Pixel Persona or the Vecto
  3. I'm finding that in AD 1.5 the brush cursor remains even when I've moved the cursor up into the tool bars, menus, etc. It doesn't switch back to being an arrow, and you can't see what your hovering over, just the brush preview cursor. Is this what you're experiencing?
  4. Hi, I did use the same ID as my purchase, I only have one ID. The button in the Purchased tab just says "Open", which opens my existing copy of Affinity Photo (version 1.4.1). I've been having a lot of performance issues with AF, and I'm hoping that the update addresses these. If I can get the update.... ** EDIT*** I restarted my computer, and the update showed up. Strange since this has never happened with any other apps before, but at least it's installed. The update did not fix my extreme lag when using brushes though, and I still can't use this software. I'm feeling a bit of buyer'
  5. No sign of an update to download for me either. Tried logging out/back in of U.S. App store, still no sign of it.
  6. Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions above. Nothing seems to make a difference though. I will send you those brushes, MEB, thanks for taking a look at them. I'd like to add that I've been using them for years in PS with no issues. Something that I have just noticed is that if I'm zoomed in (100% or more), the brush makes its mark instantaneously with no lag issues. It's when I'm zoomed out (15%, 20%) that I have the lag- sometimes as long as 10 seconds. The further pulled out I am, the longer the lag.
  7. Thanks! I tried turning off the brush preview, but it didn't help. Now instead of taking 7 or 8 seconds, it takes 4 or 5 seconds for my brush mark to appear. Is there a direct support contact for Affinity?
  8. I'd really like to be able to use the preview, but where is that parameter located? I can't find it in brush settings or app preferences. Thanks! btw- my machine is a 2009 2.93ghz C2D iMac, 8gb ram.
  9. Honestly, the brush lag is so slow that I've stopped using Affinity Photo and went back to Photoshop until I have the time to figure this out. Bummer.
  10. Sure- It's a pretty simple brush (and set of brushes), but it is of rather high resolution. It's just a set of different brushes made from a sample/mark of paint rollers on paper. For this particular series of brushes, all dynamic settings are at zero. I use it to lay down large areas of a paint roller mark in a single click- I don't even drag it as if to paint a brushstroke or anything. Just a simple click of a brush, sized at 2499 px. I have a lot of brushes like this, and they all work flawlessly in PS, but not Affinity Photo. Thanks for your help! I tried turning off the rulers bu
  11. How do rulers affect the speed of the app? Rulers on or off didn't make a difference, thanks for the suggestion though.
  12. Hi Everybody, I've imported my custom brushes from Photoshop, but they lag a lot when using them in Affinity Photo. It takes a good 5-7 seconds before my mark appears, even just a single click. I'm not using a tablet, just a mouse. My brushes tend to be large (2000px), but nothing that PS couldn't handle. Any ideas? I thought about turning off the brush preview, but I need it to see where I'm laying down my marks. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the help everyone! I understand that I'm using Photo in a slightly unorthodox way. I have been using the paintbrush & "protect alpha" mode, but to save time I was looking for an "locked pixels/alpha channel" fill method. Sometimes it's just easier to fill in a large area, rather than manually paint it. It's actually helpful to hear that there is no such feature at this time, so I can stop hunting around looking for it. I'm curious about the Fill layer method that Pierrick mentioned though, I will explore that.
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