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    jhmdigital got a reaction from TinMass in Affinity Photo DAM   
    Having Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher I agree that Affinity DAM is now needed. I understand that Serif like to keep their cards close to their chest but think it would be helpful to their loyal supporters if they could now give an update on this matter.
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    jhmdigital got a reaction from RM f/g in Ruler units   
    Sorry if this has been raised before.
    The default setting for ruler measurements in both Photo and Designer is pixels, presumably because the majority use that. However I mainly work in cms and it drives me round the bend have to change the setting each time I open a file.
    Please could a future update include the ability to set your own default measurement unit in Preferences?
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    jhmdigital got a reaction from Lindblad in Ruler units   
    MEB - many  thanks but I am, as you suggest, changing  document units selecting the View Tool (hand icon) and selecting them in the Units dropdown in the context toolbar. The problem is that I have to do this with each file I open because the default setting is pixels.
    I am asking if Preferences could include the option to elect your own default measurement unit.
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    jhmdigital got a reaction from tkarl__nn in Adobe Lightroom/PS -vs- Affinity Photo   
    Wingshooter, you can still buy outright a standalone version of Lightroom for about £100 with no monthly subscriptions..
    I, and many Affinity Photo users use this standalone Lightroom for photo management and basic adjustments and then do full editing in Affinity Photo. When Affinity bring out their own asset management product I'll stop using Lightroom.
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    jhmdigital got a reaction from eikapai in New to Art Board concept   
    Many thanks Chris_K; I'm getting a glimmer now.
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    jhmdigital got a reaction from BurgerxKing in Affinity Publisher   
    Designer is great and you are working on Photo which looks to be as good.
    Any news though on Publisher?
    Having just switched from Windows to Mac I'm missing Serif PagePlus.
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    jhmdigital got a reaction from CartoonMike in Affinity Publisher and GREP   
    One of there things I have always admired about Affinity Forums is the helpful, friendly, positive way in which they work. It would be a sad day if they deteriorated with unnecessary personal comments.
    I am looking forward to the availability of Affinity Publisher which I will be using in a modest way. I understand that the initial version will not have all the features that everybody would like and those will be introduced over time as the programme develops.
    I haven't a clue what GREP is but see no harm if somebody feels it important for it to be requested as a feature. At the same time if it does involve complicated scripting which would delay the introduction of the software then surely it is sensible for the basic programme to proceed first as quickly as possible [it was initially promised a good time ago] to satisfy the majority. GREP and other features to be added in line with the majority requests.
    I endorse CartoonMike's comments.
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    jhmdigital reacted to MEB in Lightroom to AF round trip   
    Hi afusernew,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    We are aware of this issue. Affinity Photo 1.5 (not released yet) will let you overwrite PSD's so Lightroom and other DAM/editors can pick the file again when you hit Save.
    There's some Tiff improvements planned as well but i don't know yet enough details to give you a proper answer regarding this format.
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    jhmdigital reacted to CartoonMike in Affinity Publisher and GREP   
    ... veering away from personal attacks, a clue could be had from the initial releases of both AD and AP. APUB won't "have it all" at version 1 or even 1.75.  GREP for publisher would be best in the Feature Requests section. We won't really know what Publisher has or has not until it gets released. I kinda know what GREP is, and I have absolutely no need for it. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be seriously considered as a feature. 
    So, please, let's not be like the rest of the internet. Let's have some courtesy and realize that we all use Affinity software in our own unique ways for our specific work.
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    jhmdigital reacted to friedeggstudios in Affinity Photo--Can I use NIK Software?   
    I have produced a short video on how to install Nik Collection you can find it here :  youtu.be/FR1LUVjvQ8E
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    jhmdigital got a reaction from stokerg in Derwent Swan   
    Thought I would upload this as an example of the work I like to do in the future in Affinity. This was done in Photoshop.
    Basically I like combining parts of various photographs and then rework the resultant image using a 'painterly effect'. Although this can be done with various filters I prefer to 'paint' the image using brushes, my favourites being watercolour.
    In this image I added a cut out swan to a photograph of reflections of trees in Derwentwater. I then duplicate the swan and inverted that to create its reflection. After various adjustments I combined the layers and then painted onto a new layer with soft watercolour brush.

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    jhmdigital got a reaction from Rhys Stenhouse in New Branding for Affinity   
    My initial thoughts were that I preferred the old logos but after comparing the two sets for a while the new ones grew on me and now I think I prefer them. Certainly their introduction will not upset me.
    As many others have written it is the quality of the software that is paramount but there is also a need for logos that indicate the high quality of the product.
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    jhmdigital reacted to Bobaffinity in User manual   
    I too like printed manuals and and find them very useful. I use InDesign a lot and have several books and manuals on the subject. But, by far, the best manual is one published by O'Reilly, called InDesign Production Cookbook. This is probably the best example of very clever design, layout and concise writing that makes using this book a real pleasure. (I noticed that it was printed in the UK.) If Affinity could work with these folks in preparing a manual they would have a very useful manual that they could sell and really help the Affinity programs  get out into the mainstream and really give Adobe something to worry about.
    Affinity rocks. I hope they complete the circle with a manual that is as outstanding as their programs.
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