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  1. Really? Is there no way to trace around a photo or scanned drawing? I bought affinity designer in March and haven't used it yet - 'cause I'm still searching for ways........
  2. I am trialling Affinity photo on my macbook air and with a few days left in trial want to see if it works on my desktop (3.06 Ghz intel core 2 duo - running OSX 10.8.5) - when I clicked on the downloaded file it wouldnt open. Then after I registered here to query - it did! I'm stoked! Continued with post so that others can see what works (system above ...etc) It's not just that I'm in the 'seniors' category and like my bigger screen for multi layered and fine clipping work - it's also because my pension can more readily afford NZ$74.99 (that's US$53.80 by today's rate)!! My old versions of Photoshop CS wont work on updated system and I think I can get my head round affinity quicker than GIMP. Cheers. P.S. like the tutorials