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  1. OR...Can any of our Affinity genius's figure out a work-around for mockups in Affinity. I suspect that there are quite a few Affinity users that would benefit from this. Just hoping... Bob
  2. Hi ali83, A great start can be made with the following books: Before & After Page Design by John McWade Before & After for Graphics and Business by John McWade The Non-Designers Design Book by Robin Williams The Non-Designers Type Book by Robins Williams Both author's books are easy reading and give excellent information for newbies. Also, you might want to subscribe to John McWade's Before & After Newsletter. It is outstanding. Good Luck on your new quest, Bob
  3. R C-R, you never cease to amaze me! Your depth of knowledge is always very helpful. I ran all the options you mention and still things aren't working correctly. Everything was working just fine until I updated to 1.6. I've not added any new programs, made adjustments, etc. I deleted the apps and re-downloaded but that did not help. So I'm wondering if the fact that I'm on Lion 10.7.5 could be an issue. Also, I'm not getting any notices on my welcome screen for the bonus downloads. So I'm not sure what to do or where to go next. Appreciate all the help and comments, Bob
  4. Well, that didn't solve the issue. Do you think I could do any long-term harm if I simply ignore this? I certainly don't want to corrupt any files. Thanks for your help, Callum Bob
  5. I clicking on Quit on the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Thanks, Callum for the quick reply. When I go to File there is no Exit listing. Bob
  7. I just downloaded AF and AP 1.6. Now whenever I quit the programs I get a screen that says the program quite unexpectedly. I turned off my computer and restarted. The same thing happens. What can I do to stop this from occurring? Thanks, Bob
  8. Hi Tom You might try applying a 1 pixel (or less) of Gaussian Blur. If that doesn't work try applying 1 pixel of Noise. (maybe the two together.) Hope this might be of some help. Bob
  9. All fonts have a space band on both sides, so I'm not sure that you can accomplish this the way you want to. This is one of those instances where you should do a visual alignment to get the results you seek. Bob
  10. Hi MEB, I'm afraid the problem is still there. Strange! Although when I save in different modes it does look a little different. Thanks, Bob
  11. Hi MEB, I downloaded the tiff from the forum. Looks good--no pink pixels. But as soon as I placed it into InDesign--the problem returned. It also occurs when I open it in Preview. I'm running AP 1.50 on a Mac OS 10.7.5. I'm not going to take anymore of your time now but if it occurs in the future I'll get back to you. Thanks so much for all you are doing for/with Affinity. Bob
  12. Hi MEB, Can you tell me what is going on here? I'm thinking this might be an AP bug, but if not, what is the solution? Thanks, Bob
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