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  1. Hard, hard agree. I've long given up on ever using this software again. At this point, it's the principle. I tell everyone I can about this absurd story of the simple feature that never was. I'm only subscribed to the thread to see how far it goes. Cheers, everyone!
  2. Logged in just to say "hard agree". Don't know if you care @MEB , but I made this account just to follow and agree to this thread. I left AD a year or two ago now over this one feature. At this point, I don't think I'd even bother returning for fear of finding another basic and essential feature like this that I can see clearly won't get fixed.
  3. To be fair, this ticket has been open for years. This is BASIC.
  4. That's a lot of words for "still nothing". I understand, but man it's a bummer. Would really love to actually use this app full-time.
  5. Agreed. You know what helps sell more licenses? When I can honestly recommend the software to fellow designers. Until basic stuff like this is taken care of, I can't really do that.
  6. I just made an account on this forum to leave this comment because selecting objects with the same fill/border color is a deal-breaker. I've been successfully testing out AD with projects and using it for work, but this just stopped my project in it's tracks. I also realize the "global colors" work great, but only after they've been implemented. When I bring in artwork from somewhere else (let's say a really complicated SVG bar chart with 4 different color bars) there's no way to select all the pieces I want to MAKE THEM GLOBAL. +1 and then some