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  1. Why does it do this? I was working on a larger file and saw where my selection was. When I created the mask however, it created a weird section that was half transparent.
  2. I too would like to be able to export to these type files, but in the meantime, is there an alternative program that can convert files that Designer can export to into these file types?
  3. Thank you so much man. I kept ignoring that one because I didn't know what it did.
  4. Do you know which settings I might have messed up then? I'm not trying to be smart, I just looked for an option to scale with object and didn't see one.
  5. I found a solution but it makes it so I can't edit the text. I just converted it to curves. So for this instance it works, but I worry for projects in the future if I need to be able to change the text.
  6. I've gotten a lot of help here over the past few months and now I have another question. I created a logo, and with the help of this forum was able to set it up so that the line thickness, 3d effects, and gaussian blur effects, all scale with the image when I'm changing it's size. Now I need to know, is there a way to make the text under the logo scale with the object, because right now when I shrink it down, the text is part of the group and the font size doesn't change.
  7. Are Short Cuts like Command S to save, are those things the programmers make, or are those things that are dictated by Apple? I'm was wondering why some are so complicated when it seems like short options would be available. Like the Export is Up, Option, Command, S. Is there any reason it couldn't just be Command, E?
  8. Sorry, I'm confused, why is it not an option for people to get it? I get not giving it away free forever, but why not have it as an option to buy?
  9. Actually I just tried all of those things, but what ended up working was just turning off the "Metal" option in performance. Worked fine after that.
  10. I created some images to use as seamless patterns, and in the past they've worked fine. I just create the shape, use the gradient tool, and then select Bitmap and choose the pattern I want. Today I tried to use it, and it doesn't repeat the pattern it just shows it once. I turned on the option for using "Metal" in the preference tab, could this have caused the problem?
  11. That's a good question. While I don't have one of the external GPU's yet I am interested in getting one.
  12. Photoscape X is a free program that has the crystalize feature. I know it would be a pain and it wouldn't be an action that you couldn't undo in affinity, but you could get where you wanted with the project export it and then use Photoscape X to crystalize it, then bring that file back to Affinity.
  13. I'm wondering this as well, it seems like no matter what I set the performance at for Affinity Photo or Designer they have moments when they make my MacBook Pro run hot.
  14. Thank you so much, that is awesome. I won't be able to highlight all of them and set this will I? Either way it's great info for future projects and still better than having to do it every time I scale the object.
  15. I'm really new to Vector Graphics as a whole. I've never used Illustrator and Affinity Designer is my first time working with Vector Graphics. So I have a question but I'm worried that I'm going to word it incorrectly. I thought that one of the key features of Vector Graphics is that they scale up and down without issue. However when I design some things when I scale it down it doesn't seem to keep the ratio of the line thicknesses. Going to try to word this as best as I can. So for example, I made a large vector image of a semi truck. I used 5pt for the line thickness on a few parts, and I set some parts to 3d and set them around 15pts. So when I try to reduce it to lets say 1/4 of its original size I thought that the software would keep the ratios, but it keeps those points the same so then I have to go through and change each piece separately to keep them from looking off. Like 15pts on the 3d looks fine when it's big, but it looks really balloon like when it goes down to 1/4 of the size. So my question is, is there an option in the software that will smartly scale down the line thickness and 3D pts and gradient effects? If not that's fine, I'm not trying to complain I just know there are things I don't fully understand about the software and am wondering if I'm missing something.
  16. I thought it was good at first, then I saw your photo with all the lines and saw how much detail there was that kind of faded into the background do to the woman on the scooter being the focus. It went from good to amazing. So much planning going in and it looks so complex and then in the final image for it to look so clean. I hope I'm wording this in a way that properly conveys that I think this is amazing.
  17. Really enjoy this. Very ethereal and beautiful.
  18. Thank you so much, I had indeed missed that step. Thanks for getting back so quickly.
  19. I have the Nik Collection installed on my MacBook Air but I went to install it today onto my new MacBook Pro. I've downloaded the Nik Collection, gone through the process for adding the plugins but they never show up after the restart. I took two screen shots. One trying to activate a single plugin, and the other with the whole folder like I did the last time. Neither option resulted in Affinity restarting showing the Plugins.
  20. I am actually trying to recreate this effect as well. Has anyone come across a way to do this yet?
  21. I did the refine selection and saw the area highlighted in red. So maybe instead of saying I didn't do it, maybe the truth is I thought I had. I was simply trying to point out incase it wasn't clear in the photo that the ants were there in the image. I guess my issue is I don't understand what settings I need to change, I just want everything not in the selection to be gone.
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