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  1. Thanks @MattP for the detailed response - I wanted to have my mind put to rest and you have done exactly that! All the best and keep up the great work, AP is a top product.
  2. General question related to topic - what's the best way to get an official answer from Affinity to this issue? I'm not terribly tech-savvy, so I'd just like to know whether what I'm seeing is normal. Thank you.
  3. @IanSG interesting that you're seeing the same - you wrote 40% above, I assume that was a typo and you meant 400%, comparable to what I see? @MEB You've been so very helpful in the past, do you have any informed thoughts on my original question and the comments of a couple of others. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I have a general question regarding Photo on Mac. Often when I'm painting on layer masks or adjustment layers the %CPU displayed in Activity Monitor rises to anywhere between 300% and up to 700%, at which point the fans are very loud. The files can sometimes be quite large, >1gb but that's not always the case, and I experience the same issue with files of 50mb - suggesting it's not related to file size. Is this normal? My computer specs (attached) are, I think, good so I'm just surprised that it seems to stress the system quite so much. I'd appreciate any comments or advice. Thank you.
  5. @MEB Sorry to single you out MEB but I'm not exactly sure how forums work and how to get the attention of the best people to help. I've noticed you've given lots of helpful advice, hence contacting you directly. Are you able to help with my preferences question above? Many thanks in advance. James.
  6. Similar question here: I've just updated my system to High Sierra (Macbook specs attached). It would be helpful if someone at Affinity could comment on the best choice of Preferences>Performance options I should choose. Specifically: Display: (I've selected Metal following the upgrade) Use only integrated GPU: unchecked Retina Rendering: Automatic (best) Hardware Acceleration: unchecked I tried checking the Hardware Acceleration box but it then makes reference to the inbuilt Intel HD card, so I'm not sure whether or not to check the box. Thank you.
  7. This has been mentioned numerous times elsewhere in the forums (see link) but I couldn't find it here in the bug list. When using any brush tool, Photo initially highlights the brush in use in blue (under the brushes drop-down menu) but as soon as you do anything other than paint with it (even just change the size using [ and ] ), this highlight disappears. Many people have made suggestions for a fix here: Personally I think that including brush identification in History might be helpful; sometimes I do some brushwork, then make other edits, then wish to come back and continue that brushwork but currently I have to write down the brush number on a piece of paper to ensure I can select the one I previously used. Thank you.
  8. Thank you Carl123 for the explanation. That worked perfectly, and resolves my query. Regards.
  9. Hi Everyone, thanks for the responses so far (and sorry for not responding sooner) - I hope I'm not wasting your time with unclear language but I'm relatively new to all this. My project was as follows: Four individual portraits of children which would ultimately become four prints. The portraits were blended into a background which is exactly the same for each print. The children were of very different ages, so their head sizes, spacing between their eyes etc was quite different. Furthermore the portraits were not done in a studio, so lighting was ever-so slightly different for each child. I simply wanted a quick way to view all four images on screen at the same time, in exactly the same size, (as that is how they will ultimately hang when printed) as a final check that the four images had a 'similarity of style' that I was happy with. I've now finished the project and it's gone to print. I ended up just opening the four files, and used CMD+0 to ensure they all filled their four windows equally. Then I quickly switched between each window repeatedly for my visual check. What I'm missing is the ability to tile these four windows. Any suggestions are still welcome though as I may have another similar project soon. Thank you all again.
  10. Might it be possible to add a Tile option in a future version? For example today I'm working on four separate images; the backgrounds are exactly the same in each but with a different image overlaid to each file and blended in. I need to ensure that each of the files have the same overall 'look & feel'. I am currently manually creating a tile of four windows but it is time-consuming to resize the window and match the zoom of each document. Ideal scenario (for me) would be to have the windows tiled with each of the document fully filling each tile. Thank you.
  11. Hi, I'm new to Photo but the following issue is driving me crazy - it may well be a beginner's mistake though.. I have created a Stack of photos that, together, form a background (opacity of each of these layers set at 12%). I then open a file in a new tab of a portrait. I use the selection brush to cut out just the person from the background and then copy/paste it into the original tab, where it is inserted above all the background layers. I want to mix some of the background image into the portrait, so I add a Mask Layer to the pasted portrait (a pixel layer). However, when I use the paintbrush to paint black onto the mask, revealing the layers below [on the 'colour' tab both circles are set to black and opacity is 100%] it just paints black, as if I was not using a Mask. Also, on the little white box on the Mask line, it doesn't show a mini-preview of what I'm painting. I've included a screenshot - hopefully it's a simple step that I've missed.. grateful for advice on how to resolve this Thank you.
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