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    peter got a reaction from rovedajr in PLEASE READ THIS: Sharing Guidelines   
    Worked for the Victorian freak shows! Hide it behind the curtains and charge admission - ker ching.
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    peter got a reaction from TarliArt in eejits   
    Nice one George, I was gonna wait until Easter but...

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    peter got a reaction from Dean Reardon in My graphic work and other stuff that I create   
    How's that for a following?

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    peter got a reaction from Edazza in My graphic work and other stuff that I create   
    How's that for a following?

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    peter got a reaction from Alfred in Cocktails?   
    I see what you did there.
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    peter reacted to denironaut in Cocktails?   
    Hi everybody,
    Must be a couple of years since my last post, Ive been busy raising kids and other stuff, I decided to load up Designer the last few days to see whats new.  Some software feels so alien when you don't use it for ages, Designer feels like slipping on an old pair of comfy shoes, nice! So here is my efforts.

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    peter got a reaction from Alfred in post apocalyptic skyline   
    With scenes like this who needs filters?
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    peter reacted to Anderson Leonel in Label beer - Gallas   
    NIce man.... very thanks....
    I'll send some arts to them .... thanks again Peter...
    I have other works of this brand, I will post here later, I really liked the tips ...
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    peter got a reaction from Anderson Leonel in Label beer - Gallas   
    Great work Anderson!
    As Wosven has mentioned that there are 4 separate elements, I think that they could and should be on individual bottles or cans/tins to show the variety of flavours from the one brand.
    Now that craft beer has moved in on the real ale market, they need a classy design to stand out from the crowd....Have you shown your work at any beer festivals?
    Just found this link, hope you like it!
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    peter got a reaction from michacassola in Affinity Range   
    Affinity's answer to MoviePlus; this I would definitely want to see. :)
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    peter reacted to FriendDesign in My new work - Mobile app - FitCurves   
    UI Design - Affinity Designer :wub:

    Link to the portfolio below in the signature =)


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    peter reacted to R C-R in Not my work but amazing & inspiring (link)   
    Note: I hope it not inappropriate to post this here -- if it is I totally understand if the hosts delete it (& hope that they will ASAP).
    Anyway, 24 year old Sam Skinner is creating quite a buzz on the interwebs for the self-portrait drawings she made in 50 cartoon styles. Several web sites have articles about this; among them the  https://www.demilked.com/cartoon-illustrations-characters-different-style-sam-skinner/ article includes full sized jpegs of each one.
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    peter reacted to VectorVonDoom in 1966 Batmobile v2 (AD)   
    This is my other v2 drawing I've been working on. I did a side view a time back but quite liked the front view too, looks more aggressive. To start with I was just going to do the car as a studio shot but I thought try adding Batman and Robin.  Then when I'd done that I thought I may as well add a background too. The background's pretty simple partly because there aren't too many decent quality pics. I also toned it down a bit as the batmobile blended in a bit too much otherwise. I'll go back over it in a few weeks, perhaps change some of the reflections and possibly darken the back end of the car but I'll see then.

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    peter got a reaction from MantaMike in Cheese...   
    Oh Wow!  Love the day (yellow background) and night (blue background) effect. The cap just seals the deal for me!
    A man. No! A mouse after my own heart...attack inducing, cholesterol filling, artery blocking, tastebud pleasing, cheese pleasing centre of my brain. 
    Or to keep it short "It's nice what you've done with the mice!" 
    Nice job lad!
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    peter reacted to AffinityJules in Fire Guardian   
    An example of something coming from nothing.
    I began this picture with an entirely different intent for its outcome, but when inspiration comes along - you just have to run with it.

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    peter got a reaction from SalfingerAndrew in Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)   
    I really like them all. This is one ad campaign I would love to get involved with.
    Have you entered any of this for next year's Chip Shop Awards? This is a brilliant site for all creatives, to enter their fictitious campaign pieces like this. This is used by the industry giants to showcase work that is normally too clever, risqué, fictitious or subtle for general advertising.
    As for ideas, how about..?
    You can't say fish, without saying Shh! You can't say ocean, without saying Shh! You can't say ships, without saying Shh! You can't say shore, without saying Shh! You can't say sea shells, without saying Shh! David Attenborough, kneeling down at a rock pool, scooping out ear plugs that have fallen out of all of the seals/sea lions' ears Jean Michel Jarre's album Waiting for Cousteau (Yes that one, Jacques), with a mute icon over it, see below...  
    Here'e the last track on the album...

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    peter got a reaction from AffinityJules in Helping Hand   
    This isn't how I pictured Snake Pass...
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    peter reacted to Oval in Still Bored   
    But Ros wrote “Please get bored more often.” …
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    peter reacted to Dazmondo77 in BOARD MEETING   
    Board meeting 

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    peter reacted to Kasper-V in Helping Hand   
    I like Terry Pratchett's notion that inspirations just fly through space like neutrinos, and eventually strike someone's brain at random. Happens to me a lot.
    Great artwork, by the way!
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    peter reacted to Gabe in Yet another colourisation - Chaplin   
    Charlie Chaplin this time

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    peter reacted to SalfingerAndrew in Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)   
    Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)
    While studying at SAE for my Bachelor of Design, I got the change to work on a social issue campaign around noise pollution in the ocean with the goal to make 10 posters around the campaign and ended up making 12 posters, 10 badges, art display piece, and a website.
    This project was amazing to work on allowing myself to break out of my "normal design style" and really allow me to just play around with mix design, merging vector, paper craft, images and 3D together to create something amazing
    Made with:
    Affinity Photo (Mac + iOS (iPad Pro)
    Affinity Designer
    Autodesk Maya (for 3D)













    "Click Here" to view the website.

    Need of a graphic designer? Check out my work: http://bit.ly/2vjCmTi
    Social Media:
    Website: www.andrewsalfinger.com
    Portfolio: http://bit.ly/2vjCmTi
    Twitter: http://bit.ly/andrewdestwitter
    Facebook: http://bit.ly/andrewdesfacebook
    Instagram: http://bit.ly/andrewdesinstagram
    Behance: http://bit.ly/andrewdesbehance
    Etsy: http://bit.ly/andrewdesetsy
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    peter reacted to Dazmondo77 in Nutter   
    A bit quiet work wise so I decided to re-create some artwork I originally did for Ginger Wildheart in an app called Mischief which was a great vector based art prog that seems to have now been abandoned (shame as it was great to sketch in) thought I'd see how well I could illustrate it in Designer as vector and it's turned out pretty well although  I cheated and added a very simple pixel layer with just a few brush strokes using some of the Fantastic Frankentoon brushes 

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    peter got a reaction from Metin Seven in Train logo design   
    If you lay a plate down on a table and then laid out a knife and fork in a half past four position, then you would have a smoke box door and clamp that would look more foodie: this would marry up the carriage/platter dome and steam/vapour/chef's hat just nicely.
    Reading from left to right, your food is prepared: from the kitchen: by our chefs: without delay: to your plate!

    super's ready.pdf
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    peter got a reaction from MEB in Poison   
    Miguel, it's thanks to the wire frame views that us mere mortals can admire and understand this alchemy, that only the gifted can perform.
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