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  1. Thanks timlt, I guess I'll order it right now then if I need help moving a plugin into AP, I'll do the Arnold....
  2. Do I understand that I should not buy the program 'PaintShop Pro' for AP 1.8? Or would I just look for a certain Topaz plugin to paint within AP? I'm a little confused....??
  3. Has anyone tried the 2020 Corel Paint Shop Pro Ultimate plugin? And is there a tutorial for adding it to AP? https://store.paintshoppro.com/1184/uurl-7f1e8nvboy
  4. Yah I looked at that too, but it appears Affinity is not yet on board with full support. Please staff, correct me if I am mistaken. Both DXO and Alien Skin could be a great plug-in for Affinity. Any news?
  5. Let me guess, the errors you are receiving for Alien Skin Snap Art is on Affinity's end. Here is what I base that on; I had written Alien Skin and received a reply to my question: rcphotos Oct 3, 14:03 EDT I understand I can use your program as a stand-alone, but is there an Affinity Photo plug-in? Thanks His answer was: Hello, Affinity doesn't do a very good job of supporting our plug-ins. Their implementation of the Adobe Photoshop plug-in SDK is inco
  6. Actually, unless one is painting for themselves or painting a commission, in using comparisons between photo software for painterly effects, vs a painting done by hand with an artist, the differentiation are sometime obvious, and sometimes not as obvious. But in the end neither talent really matters to the buyer, since they are buying what pleases their eye. Mind you I am not suggesting this example of mine will please your eye, but it has pleased other's which has resulted in sales for me.
  7. In the Video 'Lens Corrections Enhancements', James at 1:55 shows how to get to a new lens correction after downling from github, however mine is not opening the same window at 2:09-2:13. What my windows desktop does is merely open a File Explorer window titled 'Lens Profile' but rather than showing any lens profiles, it only highlights under the This PC tree, the 'Local Disk' which when I click it then opens a series of file folders, 'Programs Data' which is highlighted. Double click that file folder and select 'Affinity' where I see three choices of file folders, Common, Photo and Publi
  8. Thanks Dan, it overwrote the last version successfully without any work on my part whatsoever. V1.7.1.404 an excellent execute. Thanks so much. Now time to explore.
  9. Yes I am using Windows, sorry for the delay. Downloading now. 338MB. What then will I have to do? It seems I had a difficult time a coulpe of updates back.
  10. I am currently using The little popup window showed up when I opened Affinity Photo, informing me of the new version. I tried to click on 'Download' but not an active exe, so I clicked on 'OK' and notihing happened for me either.
  11. Open Bridhe, Open Folder, Choose Photo, R-click to Open with......Affinity Photo, ooops not highlighted. Can't do. So Adobe has coded that possibility out so it won't work with Affinity. Is that what we all know? Or is there a workaround, other than unsing the Windows File Explorer?
  12. Thanks Walt, after taking a second look, it was as simple as one could design it to be, got it now, thanks
  13. Somewhere buried in this upgrade are the instructions for upgrading. If not can I get the steps? Thanks
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