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    Lens Profiles Not Opening as in Video

    I will try again, thanks
  2. In the Video 'Lens Corrections Enhancements', James at 1:55 shows how to get to a new lens correction after downling from github, however mine is not opening the same window at 2:09-2:13. What my windows desktop does is merely open a File Explorer window titled 'Lens Profile' but rather than showing any lens profiles, it only highlights under the This PC tree, the 'Local Disk' which when I click it then opens a series of file folders, 'Programs Data' which is highlighted. Double click that file folder and select 'Affinity' where I see three choices of file folders, Common, Photo and Publisher. Double click Photos reveals 1.0, double click that reveals Lens Profiles, which reveals "The folder is empty" I suspect that when I last updated Windows 10 v1809 the Lens Profiles were not updated. Any thoughts?
  3. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Affinity Photo

    Thanks Dan, it overwrote the last version successfully without any work on my part whatsoever. V1.7.1.404 an excellent execute. Thanks so much. Now time to explore.
  4. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Affinity Photo

    Yes I am using Windows, sorry for the delay. Downloading now. 338MB. What then will I have to do? It seems I had a difficult time a coulpe of updates back.
  5. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Affinity Photo

    I am currently using The little popup window showed up when I opened Affinity Photo, informing me of the new version. I tried to click on 'Download' but not an active exe, so I clicked on 'OK' and notihing happened for me either.
  6. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Affinity Photo + Bridge

    Open Bridhe, Open Folder, Choose Photo, R-click to Open with......Affinity Photo, ooops not highlighted. Can't do. So Adobe has coded that possibility out so it won't work with Affinity. Is that what we all know? Or is there a workaround, other than unsing the Windows File Explorer?
  7. Thanks Walt, after taking a second look, it was as simple as one could design it to be, got it now, thanks
  8. Could we get a sticky on new version install instructions....??? Sorry if I've missed it.
  9. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    Somewhere buried in this upgrade are the instructions for upgrading. If not can I get the steps? Thanks
  10. I haven't even opened my just downloaded Affinity Photo Editor, but am hoping someone can help me with accessing the Macro Pack from within Affinity.
  11. Very simply put, I'd like to choose how many degrees I need to rotate left or right, rather than having the action hard set to a fixed amount. Is that possible. I've looked at Edit> Preferences and can't find that option. In this particular image I am attempting to level the horizon in the background.
  12. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    View> Rotate is Hard Set?

    carl123, thanks. So after going to View>Guides Manager>Add Horizontal Guide @ 50%, I am presented with a blue horizontal line, but the Control+Up/Down arrows accomplish no movement. Also, when selecting the Transform tab, nothing is highlighted. Also when using the Rotate control, the entire canvas rotates, and still the Transform tab is not highlighted. Any followup to my inaccurate workflow?
  13. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    View> Rotate is Hard Set?

    Thanks R C-R, I've tried it and its kind of clunky, but it'll have to do until it can be refined so that the tool (level tool) can be multi-applied, without have to keep clicking on the Level Button eaach and every time. Thanks for your help
  14. How do I achieve a color within a black & white in Affinity? I have tried the Selection Brush choosing the parts I wish to apply that adjustment to, but I am not getting a very sharp finish. Update: I have discovered the video, and just as I suspected, it is with the use of the Selection brush, but the tips I got from the following video makes it more manageable using the brush. Very helpful:
  15. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Top to Bottom stacking 3 images How To?

    John and Lee, you may be right, even though you cannot see but the top two images. The very bottom is even less contrasty, less detailed, less focused. I was just trying from photos as a practice. I'll take another run at it with better focus, thanks very much.
  16. I have a shot of a waterfall, zoomed to 3 separate images. When I File>New Panorama, the 3 images are shortened so as not to include the bottom of the waterfall. Is there an image size limitation? I am not worried yet about anything picture quality just yet.
  17. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)

    This is another full download, 280MB, which overwrite the original or is it a total of almost 600MB's? AND as a second question, is an uninstall the original version first> So will I have to live with two full versions? And is an uninstall necessary?
  18. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Halloween Ghost

    I thought it would be fun to take on the appearance of a ghost in a rustic old home long ago abandoned by using the cutting out method. And I want to thank MEB, Alfred and toltec for their generous help with learning the method. I realize improvements can and should be made to lighten the figure of the ghost of a man even more but this is more about accomplishing what I needed to learn than being paid to produce a fantastic photo. Happy Halloween and of course I'd truly enjoy any critique offered, or just enjoy my first try.
  19. octavian thanks for the links, and while the OP has perhaps haad his answer, I have a follow up question, which is open to anyone; In order to add a brush for a watermark once finished, does that watermark have to be created in AD, that is, Affinity Designer?
  20. Very helpful JFisher, I just tried it and it works well.
  21. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Halloween Ghost

    carl123, maybe I'll give that a try. I was only attempting to learn the technique, but appreciate your input and am hoping you cover your vehicle with a tarp or car cover, while your infrared cameras are filming. Ok so here's a much reduced exposure layers without resizing the ghost figure just experimenting on the overall and the ghost figure's lighting
  22. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Cutting Out Example but Pixelated

    So after learning how to use the Cutting Out method from a video here under tutorials, I used two images, one was close to 1000x? pixels and the other over 4000x? pixels. After moving the cut out deer from one image to the building image, I see it is highly pixelated when enlarged. even though the finished image when exported as a jpg, was lowered to near the 1000x? pixel image size. To recap, I used an image 1/4th the size (deer) of the image of the building, then saved saved by reducing 75% and still have major pixelated deer on building. What did I miss? And now I'm editing to add I see you won't be able to see the pixelization as enlarging is not allowed, but its there.
  23. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Cutting Out Example but Pixelated

    carl123, using your steps, here is the results. Mind you I have not spent any time retouching to remove the area between the rear feet, or the weeds at the neck, which the the Selection Brush always seems to grab. In this copy&paste and move the original building image remains at original size and the deer was C&P then moved and selected and reduced to fit.
  24. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Cutting Out Example but Pixelated

    Thank you carl123, simple straight forward advice. Now I'll give it a go and take a look.
  25. RCPhotos_FineArtAmerica

    Cutting Out Example but Pixelated

    Well I seem to be misinterpreting advice. From the advice above, it seemed clear to me that the two images should be the same size. So if the background is just over 3000 pixels width and the second image is closer to 1000 pixels wide, I set about scaling the larger image, the building, to match the smaller image, the deer. Hence the appearance that I upscaled the smaller image larger. So the building image, a little over 3000 pixels, remains the same and the deer, at just under 1000 pixels should be resized up to match the building background image, remembering to use 'Bicubic' or 'Lanczos3 ' for Windows. Do I have this correct this time? I'll wait to hear back before I proceed. And thanks