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  1. Ok good to know, this is still confusing though.

    Also .exr exports with transparent background when box in unchecked.

    Maybe it is not a good idea to have a general document setting if this is format dependant. Another solution would be for the app to add a background layer (invisible for users) when the Transparent background is unchecked. So the option works the same way in all formats and in the Export Persona.

    Or maybe I just don't really understand the meaning of this checkbox.


  2. See the images attached.

    There is some checkbox labels that are so small it is very hard to read (first image).

    I understand it is because window width is too small so the text becomes smaller. But I think it would be a good idea to always keep the text readable and find an other way like a new line for instance. Or even reducing the padding in this window that is quite big.

    I've also noticed that the responsivity is weird. When enlarging the window, the labels stays small, and we have to check a box to update de size (second image).



    Capture d’écran 2024-01-03 à 12.39.51.png

  3. Not sur if this is a bug or a normal behavior.

    Software : Affinity Designer 2 Beta 2.3.0 (2165)

    My document hasn't the Transparent Background box checked on its settings window (see attached image).

    But when I export it in .png format using the export persona the background IS transparent.

    If I export it in .png using the File -> Export menu, the background IS NOT transparent (but white) as I would expect.

    If I export if in .pdf format using the File -> Export menu, the background IS transparent.

    So I'm a little confuse about it. This is a behavior I have on every files and for many time. It is anoying because I always have to put a white rectangle on my documents. Maybe I'm just misundertanding something ?

    Capture d’écran 2024-01-03 à 11.08.50.png

  4. @Hangman this is the path to the document :

    Documents/Cine/Josephine Ange Gardien/2023/ANIMS/68 - Shainez recoit une avalanche de SMS/JAG_68.afdesign

    I don't think there is a unusual chars, but even if there were, for a professional software not being able to handle it would be very surprising. This doesn't happen with any other apps I use.

    I'm working in the cinema industry, for movies and series, sometimes I have to edit my work very fast because the shooting is happening right now. And AD is slowing me.

    There is something wrong with file path from a long time. First I couldn't export using the export persona, then there is some files I can't save without making the app crash. And now I can't open some documents.

    I this would happen with other apps I would think my computer has an issue, but this only appen with Affinity Designer.

  5. No I'm not opening it form the Desktop folder. The file was on a sub sub sub... folder from the Documents folder.

    I just moved it to another folder and it seems to solve the issue. But this is not an acceptable solution, I should be able to work on the forlder I want, I'm using it for work and I have to keep my files organised. This doesn't happend with other documents on the same folder so it seems to be specific to Affinity Designer, there is something that makes it crash.

  6. @Jon P I downloaded your document and opened it directly from the Download folder and I was able to edit it and save it as normal.

    So I tried moving my original document to the Desktop folder and I was able to edit it and save it as normal.

    The original document was placed to a successions of folder inside the Documents folder. The only thing I can think of is that I've might have created the parent folder of the original file using the terminal (mkdir command). I'll investigate that direction and let you know.


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