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  1. ajharok

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Can we please have this fixed?!?!
  2. Sorry, didn't know you have to press them Tnx
  3. Expand stroke still not fixed Will it be in 1.7 or we have to wait for this crucial function to work as it should till 2.0 or later?
  4. Beta for 1.7 is not ready for prime time. This is for sure. There is still the bug with stroke to outline conversion that no pro app should have and many other bugs. It's true, Affinity should have more updates per year (bug fixes). Not like now, 1 update every 1-2 years.
  5. ajharok

    Expand stroke still sucks

    When can we expect this to be solved and work as it should? It's a real show stopper
  6. ajharok

    Expand stroke still sucks

    When will expand stroke work at it should?!
  7. Will there be another beta before Christmas? AP is getting every couple of days an update. Just asking. Best, B
  8. With the latest beta ( of AP the icons are ok and everything is aligned.
  9. @mac_heibu don't know what your problem is but I did write just what is not ok, showed it 10x times and the fix that A_B_C will not fix the problem that the icons are a different size in the apps. The misalignment is a second thing that is not ok. Did a test now if I select show icons and text, both apps are aligned ok.
  10. Did not try, because I see that, AF, AP have a different icon size than APublisher. If you look at my last screengrab you will see it clearly. So Serif has to fix this
  11. @Old Bruce i opened all Apps, one document open in every one but the problem is there. As you can see, there are misalignments and different icon sizes between the Apps.
  12. Tried on my MBP13 retina and my not retina external monitor and they are not aligned. I'm on 10.14.1 Mojave Interesting.
  13. The App icons are different size and position too in the latest betas.