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  1. When can we expect an update to fix the most critical bugs like this one? It's more than 6 months since the last updates but there many critical bugs. For a Pro app this is not ok
  2. You can close the app and reopen it and it will be ok again. This works on my end.
  3. When can we expect the fix or beta 1.7 that will fix that? Best, B
  4. Hi, how can i change same attribute for like stroke height, line color, width for all selected stroke elements. The same for other objects. Did i miss something? :) Tnx
  5. I miss Freehand everyday. Simple UI and speedy performance. Worked great with shortcuts, best Artboard management, working with masks was a joy and did i mention Symbols?! Love Affinity designer and photo, but for me the UI looks a bit childish
  6. When i in the transform panel divide 17.9 mm with 6, Designer doesn't divide it precisely. It Should be not 3 mm but 2.98333333333. The transform panel is not precise enough. or do i miss something? Best, Bostjan
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