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  1. Nevermind... I just forgot to setup Apple RGB to document's colour profile. How silly of me...
  2. Hello, do someone knows why when I apply a given RGB colour to a shape (while designing an image for the web), if I get its value with Apple Colour picker, it gives me a different RGB result value? To replicate my issue, just open Affinity's Colour chooser on any colour, and then pick the colour with Apple Colour picker, then you see they are different RGB values. One example is FF4AD0 on Affinity's chooser, that Apple's one picked up as FF00E5.
  3. I understand. No problems on that, and good luck with the AP release ;)
  4. Sorry to bother, I still see some "?"'s importing the pdf (same document as this thread), when using the updated MAS version. The beta, instead, is importing fine and no issues.
  5. Be sure to save the corrupted file somewhere, I'm guessing the support will need it for investigation (and maybe, the good file right before it happened too) ;)
  6. If you go back to use some feature (still) not on Affinity, you may take a look here and ask there anything you feel Affinity needs to handle, if no one requested it before ;)
  7. Sorry for the necro, just will confirm that MAS 1.2 fixed the issue ;)
  8. I got the Huion H610, really awesome tablet in the price range! I'd like just have more control on low-pressure, the default stylus does jumps 8 levels at time from 0 to 300, and that is the place where I land in the most. Any suggestion for a finer low-pressure stylus? Edit: it were a wrong sensitivity setting on my software, that made me see stepped sizes on pressure. Once setup that correctly, I will not notice that 8-stepping at all and stylus is working fine!
  9. AI is Adobe proprietary format, and it is very unlikely Adobe will license the format to a competitor. That is the very reason it is already some years it were put so much effort on "open" file formats. Imho, it is better concentrate efforts on SVG and maybe propose updates to the specification, to be able add all info that still cannot be placed into SVG today, thus the need of proprietary formats. I may be a visionary, but I really want see one day a digital world with very few file formats, all of them open, and every software developer concentrate more on its product than the file format of load and save. We still are far from it.
  10. Hello, tried the beta but it happens there, too. Have sent the file to your support email. TIA, Andrea :)
  11. When I import a PDF document, if the text fields have fonts changing in-between words, immediately after the font change it appears a question mark character.
  12. When I open a PDF document, the dialog box asks me if I want load a given page, instead all the document. If I set there a page number different than page 1, the import will always get page 1 only.
  13. If you want your macbook serviced, it still have paid support. But make your mind soon, as long as it is due to go out of servicing options. Last week I had the Video card failed on a Mac 27" Late 2009, that is going to be left out very soon, and making with haste all papers for servicing. See https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT1752
  14. As long as Bridge is a separate product, you can continue to use it. Or you asking for a Bridge substitute? I think it is better use a dedicated product, rather than something integrated on an image edit software. So I will be free to use my editing software of choose without touching anything about my assets. That makes me think it will be great have such a piece of software, dedicated only to the asset and metadata management, I only can guess that will be a tool of far better quality than all things I see on the net, that they are "do-it-all" but excels on nothing.
  15. Linux, even today on 2015, is still light years back on terms of usability and ease of use. It is already difficult concentrate and do well my job, and the need to deal with console and 'su' commands every now and then, is a no-no on my side. Even if AD ported to Linux, I will stay here on Mac, because I'm quite scared to have to deal with a Linux distro to do my job everyday. My opinion, Linux is perfect for machines dedicated to one-specific-task, but to general purpose use, is so far away to even consider it an option. Last but not least, developing on linux is quite an hassle, you have to deal with a number of distros, multiplied a number of user interfaces, multiplied a number of different ways to provide updates. If you choose of all that, the one you want follow, you will go to a niche of an already small market (intended as general purpose paying user base).
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