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  1. I have set all of my files to 300dpi and between 7-9in square in illustrator. even in photoshop it is that size. How come when I open some of my files in Affinity the images are very light and very tiny. I go into document set up and it says the document is 200in square and 72dpi. But it isnt that size in photoshop.
  2. Im going back and forth between the two to see Affinity will the one for me. I saved a EPS file in Affinity and saved the DPI trying to change old files that were 72dpi to 300dpi by going into document setup (is that right?) then exporting it in EPS. I just went to Photoshop and the dpi still says 72dpi. did I do it wrong? I tried redoing it by exporting it as a EPS but now the icon that says export won't show up unless I use the slice tool. what am I doing wrong?
  3. What do I need to save my Affinity files as if I need to open them later in illustrator? Im slowly weaning off of Adobe but if I switch back and forth I would like to know. Thank you
  4. When I place a new traced file into Affinity it is COVERED with anchor points. Is there any way to decrease them except having to manually delete them? Thank you
  5. Just like in illustrator does this program have a live paint and expand?
  6. Thank you for the help. I didnt know that you can edit the lines or anchors in SVG or EPS I thought it was only in .ai files you can do that, that was my intent to fix it when I open it in Affinity. I will try again with and give an update.
  7. I am using a trace tool online and when I try to open it a window appears and the preview is blank. Then a pop window says: could not open PDF file. File could not be parsed.
  8. well I think I found one that I can use in the meantime, a trace vector tool, it is called: http://online.rapidresizer.com/tracer.php it is free, easy to use and downloads files quickly. So far I works for me.
  9. +1 for me as well! I want to get rid of illustrator and use this program but I'm being held back from purchasing because I NEED live trace for my hand-drawn illustrations to fix and turn into clipart
  10. Hello I just stumbled upon this site to find an alternative to Illustrator and Photoshop and this program seems pretty close. But Ive read a few forums that live trace isn't available on this program. I need it primarily because I turn my drawings into clipart when I scan them. Does anyone know when a feature like this would become available? Thank you
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