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  1. Hi, As far as I know, for vector brushes it is impossible to set the line thickness as a relation to the angle. After creating a line, you can set the unevenness of its thickness, using the "Pressure" curve in the "Stroke" panel.
  2. Welcome to the Affinity Forums! To change the background brightness, go to Edit > Preferences > User Interface > Artboard Background Grey Level Or just place the rectangle behind the artboards. Artboards.afdesign You can also place artboards inside each other, or place one on top of the other. Artboards2.afdesign Also, you can change the color of the artboard, or apply a gradient.
  3. Simple markers without texture. This brush lets you create a "quick sketch" effect. The first two brushes on the list, are better suited for use with a pen. Markers 1-176.afbrushes To make the brush work properly with the pen, select Brush Defaults mode in the Controller, in the context toolbar.
  4. A similar question here, and perhaps provides further clarification:
  5. You can see the result before exporting, using Pixel view mode, but the document must be in export size. Pixel_view_mode.mp4
  6. After starting the program or opening a new document, for some reason, the "Controller" mode is set to "None", regardless of the brush settings. Brush_Controller_mode.mp4
  7. Did you rescale the Pattern Layer after creating it? Was the Pattern Layer moved with "Force pixel alignment" turned off?
  8. Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Noise is a "Screen Space" effect. This means that its scale is tied to the screen resolution. To see exactly what noise will look like after exporting, you need to look at the document at 100% scale. To do that, select pixels as units, then double-click on the magnifying glass icon. Or select the "Hand Tool", select pixels as units, right click on the workspace, select 100%
  9. +1 It would also be nice to be able to Flip X, Y for brush textures. This will save memory, and speed up loading for brushes that should have Flip X, Y. The Reverse command for a curve will not help if several curves linked by a symbol, or linked in AP.
  10. This looks like a feature, not a bug. Feature of a particular brush, which has empty margins at the beginning and end of the texture. There are other brushes that don't have these margins, or they are smaller. These brushes don't have a gap: Vector_Brush.afdesign Read more here:
  11. You don't even need a "mask" layer for this. Use the Masking and Clipping method, with any objects, vector or raster. V1 - Masking V2 - Clipping Masking_&_Clipping.mp4
  12. Do not underestimate Layer, with it you can use the mystery button and more 😎 There you can find out a few details:
  13. 13 vector brushes and 4 gradient types. The original width resolution of the brush textures is 176 px. Arrows 1-176.afbrushes Linked Samples.afdesign Creating a gradient: Linking properties in AP: Linked properties: -
  14. The best way is non-destructive. Keeps the original, and allows you to edit the gradient after. Masking_&_Clipping.mp4
  15. After rasterization, fractional is removed, and there is no blurring. Full screen is preferred not_Blurred.mp4
  16. Added two brushes that have a transition to black and transparent. Arrows.afbrushes Arrows6.mp4 Arrows7.mp4
  17. This is a clarification of the color change. This brush can change color, but cannot have a transition to black or transparent. Arrows5.mp4
  18. These lines can also be synchronized, but only in AP. Arrows2.afdesign Arrows3.mp4 Arrows4.mp4
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