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  1. Im trying to add a transparent gradation at the bottom of this PNG with a transparent background then import it into my Affinity Designer file. How do i do this? Thanks!
  2. I finished creating trailer graphics Using Affinity Designer with embedded PNG images. I created it at 20th scale. I generated a print traditional PDF. But the printer said when he opened the PDF in Illustrator the high resolution PNG's were pixelated. He said i needed to save it as a high resolution PDF. Question? What settings do i use to create the maximum amount of resolution when exporting to a PDF. Im using Affinity Designer.
  3. Im trying to decrease the leading in a short list that i created in Affinity Designer. The leading box already shows me its at zero but i still need to decrease the spacing between each line even more. How do i do this? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.
  4. Im in Affinity Designer. All im trying to do is is clip out the bottom section of this dog so that it fits into bone graphic frame. I m still new to Affinity products it seems it would be straight forward . The blue line shape is my "mask". Im able to clip out the entire dog image from that blue line shape but not the small bottom section. Is there a invert button?
  5. Im trying to clip out a portion of my PNG image in Affinity Designer. I have already made a clipping mask but it wont subtract from just the mask area?
  6. I agree with you on the guides continue off onto the art board.
  7. Perhaps my printer needs to be updated. Im just not able to print out crop/trim marks in my Affinity Publisher Im able to view the trim marks after opening up the PDF in Publisher but im not able to print it out only the bleed marks print. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks. Here is a screen shot of my print dialog box. There are no advanced settings in my Printer dialog box.
  8. Im trying to print out a bottle label. I checked off all the appropriate menus in the print dialog box. The only thing that prints out is the bleed marks. No trim marks. I need both to print out so that i can cut out and mock-up on bottle. Someone please tell me what im doing wrong. Thanks.
  9. Im new to Affinity Publisher. Im able to view my bleed marks in the PDF. But Im unable to print out both trim and bleed marks. I have set the print settings to bleed and trim but only the bleed marks print out. I need to be able to print out my artwork and trim off the bleed so i can see exactly if my work is accurate. I attached a PDF of my work. You'll see that only the bleed marks show up on the PDF but not the trim. Need to be able to print out trim. Any help would be appreciated! 2021 Lemon Mint 16 oz.pdf
  10. How do i move my third line of text "class"to line up with the "degrees" in my 2nd line of text?
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